Sunday, November 4, 2007

Back again!

I have had two very busy weeks and am back in blogging action now. I'm not looking my best as I have Lush henna in my hair and my head is wrapped in plastic wrap. I was feeling a bit bland, so wanted a chestnut lift. I love treats from Lush! Mmmm, some of my favourites are Ruby Red Slippers, Happy soap, Lemslip body butter and Rockstar soap. Actually I love so many of the things I would be happy with anything from there as a present. John usually gets me some things for my birthday.
We had the appointment with the colour consultant today. The interior is going to be quite neutral with creams mainly. Mr B is having his office green!!!! We are having the same green above our bedhead. It is called Dried Grass. The exterior is quite a light taupe colour with cream trims and a charcoal/blueish colour (New Denim Blue) roof. It won't look blue, more charcoal. We still have time to change our minds, and have quite a few more decisions to make.
Looking forward to seeing some of our friends at Christmas. Above you can see Oscar, Lily and the sheep. See you soon!

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Gigibird said...

taupe and a grey/blue sound very nice.
I used to henna my hair years ago when I was a teenager.....I can remember adding mixed spice and coffee - God only knows why.
Lush has been going for years - their products make me sneeze!
The F&B shade guide went off on Friday - letter post