Sunday, October 14, 2007

Welcome to Poppy's New Nest

Here we are, as promised, photos of the new piece of land. Doesn't look like much yet, but the plans are shaping up. Roses for Christmas 2008 please! In the photos you can see the lovely reserve just across from our place. Then there are the photos of our place. I am happily stomping around my new territory. I am sure I will get to know all of the residents over the back fence, including the enormous gum tree. I hope I will still be able to see the lovely view of the Port Hills once the other houses are built across the road. I am having a huge dilemma about the colours. We got given a sample book of all of the NZ Dulux colours and only liked one colour! Lucky we are using Taubmans.
Have a lovely week!  

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al said...

It's going to be sooooo great! It certainly looks very quiet and peaceful.
Regarding colour I came acorss this really col tool the other day. You upload a photo that has colours in it that you really love and it converts them into little colour swatches that you can email or take into Resene etc. Have a play, it's good fun:
Smashing chatting to you on Friday evening! Can't wait to craft with you in your new studio. Have a good working week - Al.