Friday, October 19, 2007

Promising Weekend

Two weeks into the fourth term and it is Labour Weekend, so we get Monday off. That makes me a very happy flower. We had tea at K and N's house (salad and lamb) and then popped out to have coffee, hot chocolate and the most delicious custard squares for pudding. I have asked Mr Black to sort out a memory stick for the small camera because my big one is not very subtle for whipping out at cafe tables and pretty shops etc. Tomorrow I am sleeping in! Mr Black tells me as it is a holiday weekend I wont have orchestra, and who am I to argue when I am in desperate need of a sleep-in. I am off to bed shortly. We are watching a bit of the Foo Fighters "Skin and Bones" DVD. I love Dave Grohl. I will sing along to anything, but especially like belting out a bit of Foos. Surely the Foos could use a bit of cello in some of their pieces. I would have to ban them from bringing cigarettes on stage as I have a passionate hatred of the despicable smelly things.
I am looking forward to having a fun weekend with Mr Black. We have decided that we need to have more fun. He started by headlocking me on the way into the supermarket while I giggled hysterically under his fuzzy polarfleece-clad arm. Then he decided our next cat is to be called Shemar. He and I have this thing about saying interesting names or words out loud, and we say them at the same time so often it is like having ESP. Shemar is the name of one of the actors in "Criminal Minds". Shemar will be ginger and will be joined by at least four other ginger gentlemen. Well, that's what I tell Mr Black. On that happy note I will leave you with some very pretty primulas and some veges waiting to be planted. Happy weekends everyone!

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