Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Back to school

I had such a lovely holiday but as soon as I got back to school the stress attacked again. Luckily I have super supportive people to help me. I don't think I have said that I teach adolescents with severe intellectual disabilities. The teaching part is not the hard part, although many people would disagree judging by some of the behaviour I have to manage. It is dealing with other staff and managing the paperwork. Fortunately I have some pretty things to show you. At the weekend Miss Dog and I went for a lovely walk in Hagley Park. We found all sorts of treasures but my favourites were the 
lovely blue corydalis (am I right, 
Mum?). Then we found the peony rose. What a surprise! The first picture is of the divine tulip pots I planted with my (then) 2 year old neighbour. They are getting a bit past their best, but still so lovely. I have annual felicias and pansies growing underneath for later. I think I will have tulip pots every year. On the house building front, we have paid the deposit on the house and will start building possibly March next year. We went to visit our little piece of (future) paradise. It looked awesome even if it is just dirt. We had a wee look through the cemetery. I think the people residing there will be very friendly neighbours. The gum trees which are along the fence of the cemetery were not shading our place at all and the biggest one is so beautiful. I promise to take my camera out and try to show you the vast expanse of white trunk.
Bye for now. Have a lovely finish to the week.


Anonymous said...

Hi P & D yes corydalis is right, they are very easy to grow and such a surprisingly pure blue. Love the tulip pots. We have had rain rain rain here. The peony is very early, isn't it? Would love to see photos of your new piece of paradise, I am very excited for you! You have a lovely day tomorrow too.

Gigibird said...

I think we need some photos of the plot and what is that lovely looking desk doing outside?
Do you like detail?
Maybe it's time for you to start researching details like sockets and doorknobs and skirtings and all those things that can either make a house look fantastic or ....not.

Poppy Black said...

The desk is outside because it has borer. I love it though. It is actually too short to use as a desk. Nanny used to have it in her kitchen. I want to take it with us but need to eliminate the borer (if the rain hasn't). John has been checking out the price of woodburners and heatpumps.

Gigibird said...

And borer is?
Certainly over here it isn't the actual cost of the wood burning stove that's expensive it's the installation....

Poppy Black said...

Borer is a nasty little insect that makes wee holes in wood. Once it gets in there it is very hard to eliminate. It is often found in older houses.