Friday, October 5, 2007

Inspiration to change the world!

Well maybe. Gigibird was talking about being pleased that the flowers she got were grown in England. Here in New Zealand there is little labelling of food products to say where it is produced. I would like to know if my veges were grown in Canterbury, or another part of the country. I would also like more specific labelling than "packaged in Australia made from local and imported goods"
I am going to take a closer look next time I go to the supermarket to see if I am wrong. Another thing that I am really fussy about is buying free range eggs. What about when I order something with eggs in it from a cafe? And I am sure the biscuits, cakes, egg noodles and heaps of other products in the supermarket are not made using free range eggs. I hate the thought of chookies locked in cages for their whole lives. And while I am ranting on, what about chicken meat and how that is produced. The industry is very quiet about that. Although British people are justifiably concerned about NZ lamb invading their shores at least the lambs have an ourdoor life. Not so sure about all piggies.   

Going to do a lot more thinking about food and making my own stuff!

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Gigibird said...

Pandora's Box - food labelling.
Over here I something is organic then it has to use free range organic eggs - so egg noodles for example will be made from happy chicken’s eggs.
Becoming a label reader is a big commitment and it will add time to food shopping but worth it in my opinion if you care about what you are eating and especially about the welfare of the animals you eat.
I'm sure you will be able with a few evenings of research be able to make better food choices. Possibly join an organisation that campaigns for better food labelling.
I would send you links but I don't think they will help in NZ.