Sunday, September 2, 2007

Fantastic Day

What a fantastic day. We got up late and had a leisurely morning. I phoned Dad to wish him happy Father's Day. It is daffodil season and Mum and Dad are busy tending to their masses of flowers. They are going to Hamilton and Invercargill this year to the daffodil shows. Hopefully Mum will send a photo I can post of the daffodil beds and the flowering cherries up the driveway (hint, hint). We decided to go for a drive to Sumner, which is a beach suburb of Christchurch. The others looked for things to take photos of, and I went exploring. I found a live crab on the sand and hopefully rescued it by throwing it out into the sea. It was quite a big one, so I was very brave picking it up. Here is the gorgeous view out to sea, plus me exploring in rockpools. I have decided that is one of my most favourite activities of all.

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