Saturday, September 1, 2007

A cousin and a concert.

Take a look at Merlin. He is my Flemish Giant rabbit and is twice as big as Monty the cat. He has just been eating my polyanthus. He is such an awesome man he gets away with being naughty. He thought I wanted to round him up for bed so he hid behind the lavender. 
It has been very tricky inserting this picture for some unknown reason. Grrr!
We are very lucky to have my lovely cousin Caroline and her partner Shaun visiting us for four days. It is so great to have someone to go to the fabric store with who actually wants to be there! I have a passion for glorious embroidered silks and other lavish evening fabrics. There were treasures to be found in the quilting fabrics too. I purchased some dark teal fine corduroy and some matching crumpled shiny evening fabric to use as a lining. Caroline is going to whip up a jacket for me. 
This evening John and I went to a concert performed by the New Zealand Youth Orchestra. It was amazing!!!!! The orchestra played Bartok's Concerto for Orchestra, plus Debussy's La Mer, a couple of Ravel pieces and a new piece called "Belt Sander." John wasn't keen on that one. I thought the composer could have chosen a more fabulous name as belt sanders make the probably the worst sound of any power tool. I love watching orchestras now that I am in one. 

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