Thursday, December 18, 2014


The Christmas holidays have begun. I couldn't be happier! Yesterday was actually my first day, and had a lovely morning ride on Zanny. She was a grouchy horse who was missing a shoe on my last visit, so it was great to see her full of beans and jolly. She needed a quiet plod because she was a bit sore after the farrier visited, so we had a few twirls around the arena then had a quiet explore down the road. We always turn left at the gate, but I decided to go right and it was fun cause Zanny was all alert, and I got to spy on properties I usually zoom past in the car. We couldn't go very far cause there is a narrow part just around a corner and I wouldn't like to meet a car suddenly, but it was just right for a short ride. Zanny only jumped a couple of times, and was ok when the farmer with the crazy barking dogs roared past and bellowed at his hounds just as she was eyeing up a big metal blob in a paddock. Good lady! 

My afternoon was spoiled by the arrival of The Headache of Doom. Blerk. Never mind, I pressed on and managed to cut out another dress. Look at the fabric I found:
Fergus likes it and slept on it. I think he imagines me in mohair. The print reminds me of my glorious roses. 
The garden has lots of treasures everywhere. 
The raspberry patch has been wonderful this year. It is rather a mess, but going out once or twice a day for a healthy snack has been glorious. Plenty for hungry birds too. 
My wee apple tree espaliered on the fence has plenty of fruit too. I think I will have to thin some out.
There are two huge cabbages ready. Coleslaw, anyone?
Shame the carrots are barely an inch high! 
As always, a prowl in the garden is never complete without my dearest friends along for a look in the undergrowth. 
Can you spot Fergus? 
Once we get inside I'll have to brush the bidibids from out of their fluffy coats. 

Time to finish my cup of tea and wrap some presents which need to be sent away today. I'm going to give Zanny a rest on those tender hooves, and will see how far I can get with my Christmas rose dress. 

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Meg said...

Shame about the stinking headache!!! Gosh, that fabric is gorgeous!!!
Yay for holidays xxx