Saturday, August 16, 2014

Happy Birthday To Me!

Lucky me, I got to spend my birthday at home. Well, actually not so lucky, as I caught  horrible cold off Johnny and spent three days moping around at home miserably. This morning I still felt pretty rough, but things brightened up as I tidied up my craft room this afternoon. Painting my toenails a lovely bright red also helped. I feel bad that I didn't see Zanny today, but hopefully tomorrow we'll be reunited for a nice relaxing ride.

As usual, I flit and flutter between crafty pursuits. I'm working on papercrafts at the moment, which are easier to potter with when I'm busy. I've had a (hopefully) brief pause in sewing activities. I really want to find the perfect 50's style dress pattern that fits me beautifully, so that I can make heaps for summer. Mmm- tea length. No knicker flashing when I bend over. Meanwhile, I'm making up a little scrapbook of some photos from the past year, and today I made the first scrapbook page in my new birthday scrapbook (thanks Johnny), which features Henry and the birthday cake he made so that he could send me a piece. My printer is getting a workout, and is doing a good job.

So that's a wee update. Johnny and I have matching snuffly noses and coughs. I hope we both wake up in jollier moods tomorrow and have a productive day. Johnny said "You're a bit prickly today!" to me. Who me? I'm always a delightful angel! I've been possessed by some unpleasant viral evil that makes me short tempered and inclined to accidentally trip up on the dog, causing her to look at me reproachfully. Sigh.

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Meg said...

Hope you are feeling cheerier this evening...I am in the usual Sunday night decline. Have a great week xxxx
Meg xxx

Try and search for That Bird Label...their tea dresses are lovely xxx