Saturday, August 9, 2014

Feeling Springy

I'm annoyed. My anxiety disorder has relapsed after a long peaceful time of ticking along merrily with it tucked away. My doctor is amazing. She says "Be kind to yourself" and just having warmer, sunnier days makes me feel brighter. The damn anxiety disorder has cost me a lot but I just have to look at what I have achieved in spite of it, and I'm proud of myself.

I think my dear blogs help me to celebrate the lovely things in life, so I will continue recording special things in photos and words, regardless of whether anyone actually visits.

Over the last week there have been lots of lovely and interesting things going on. My darling Johnny, who is the centre of my Universe decided to make yo yo biscuits. Yummo!!! A husband who occasionally gets the urge to made delicious biscuits is well worth holding onto.

We shared these with our very special friends The Crafty Neighbours. We love our weekend get togethers for coffee o'clock. Well, tea in my case. I have some lovely, lovely friends. My dear friend Donna gave me these Tete-a-Tete daffodils in a wee bucket yesterday. What a treat! 

 She gave me this delicious pansy trio another time. I adore it.
 Today Johnny arrived home today with a treat for me. Macarons. The pretty pale pink on is rosewater flavoured - my favourite - and the glorious plum coloured one is blackcurrant. So delicious with a cup of tea.
 Oooh, why not? Another view of the sweet wee daffs.
Of course you know what else makes me happy. Yes, Zanny. Here she is after our ride today. That is the rubbish pile waiting to be a bonfire in the background. She loves the grass by the fire pile. 
 She is wearing her lovely warm winter cover. We went up the road and around the triangle block today. We even negotiated a flock of sheep coming towards us. Zanny was all wide-eyed, but I'm sure she remembered her days as a stock horse when she was young and was very good. The sheep wheeled around and started following us, so I stopped so that the shepherds could push them on where they were supposed to be going.
 I'd like you to meet my newest horse friend. He suddenly appeared and is now Zanny's paddock mate. Tara has been moved to a big, grassy 10 acre block with the yearlings to fatten up the foal in her tummy. This is Hubee (Hughby???). Well, however you spell it, he is a sweetie. Zanny seems to like him.
 And here is his mummy. Yes, my friend Dolly!
 Hubee has had a very successful career as a trotter. He is a Standardbred. With his lovely nature and amazing career, his owners decided he deserves a chance of a post-racing life. I don't even want to think about what happens to so many race horses who have been unsuccessful or injured. It is horrible that they are not regarded as potentially fantastic pleasure or competition horses. Pacers have an especially unpromising future, because they have difficulty trotting and cantering smoothly, which makes them an uncomfortable ride unless successfully (and I'd imagine intensively) retrained.

Lucky Hubee is hopefully going to have a fun future, although he did unexpectedly pace on his first practise with Emily on his back. What was that all about??
Hubee and Dolly have lots to discuss. Maybe she is telling him that if he paces he will end up in a cat food tin. As she is well into her 20's and hates most people, she must have the secret to Standardbred longevity.

Yes, this little darling probably eats washed up race horses:
 Who me?
 Well, maybe. They are delicious.


Anonymous said...

Hubee is lovely, isnt he, is he friendlier than his mother? Fergus looks really grown up. His eyes are a lovely blue. Xxxx

Meg said...

Hope things get easier for you as we head toward spring. Love all your photos...aren't Fergus's feet cute. Love to you and John xxx

C McQ said...

Hello lovely! I've been reading your blog while home with tonsillitis, seeing all your photos is lovely, and I hope the imminent spring improves how you're feeling. Caroline McQ xx