Saturday, April 26, 2014


We had another beautiful sunny day today. It was hard to decide what to do first. I ended up working in the garden for quite a long time, pulling things out of the shady border, and trying to imagine what could look good there. It is very damp and shaded throughout the winter, but really dries out in summer. I have some small camellias, a michaelia and a rhodo, plus a plum and nectarine. I need lots more hellebores. Currently the Jacobs Ladder plants have self sown everywhere, so I am exercising my right to evict most of them. They really cling on and the soft stems and leaves tend to snap off at ground level, leaving vigorous root structures behind to regrow. They are not horribly invasive, just promiscuous. 

Johnny has been working on his latest masterpiece- a woodshed. He has done a fantastic job and now we can store plenty of wood for winter. Not sure what the next big project will be. I think he has definitely achieved something these holidays. 

I went out for another ride today, and we did really well again. Mrs Zanny is looking very furry. She was extremely reluctant to be a photographic model today, and this was the only photo I took of her smiling. My horsey friend came out and rode with me, which was fun, as always. She said Emily suggested get a stack of paper and put a piece under your bottom each time you canter. You've got to keep the paper there. Emily would be a very rich lady indeed if we used money, and she got to keep the flying $10 notes. My bottom was positively launched out of the saddle with each stride today. Zanny didn't seem to mind too much.  

My little hand-pieced hexagon project is expanding slowly. The fabrics are so pretty.
 I also finished off something that has been hanging around for several years this afternoon. It took me about 45 minutes, after all of that time it spent waiting for me to get onto it. Over complicating things in my head can really stand in the way of getting things done. I hand quilted the Philip Jacobs geranium fabric ages ago, and turned it into a cushion today.
 I love this fabric. It looks brighter in real life than it does on my screen.
I wonder what tomorrow's projects will be?

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