Friday, April 25, 2014

Hexagons- big and little

We have a very pretty post today, with some delicious fabrics, a practically perfect pussycat and something to really look forward to. Spring. We have had some lovely days, some rain and some overcast but warmish days over the last week. That's autumn for you. I planted some bulbs in my cutting garden - freesias, anemones plus some sweet pea seeds. I also put some anemones into pots (I bought a pack of 100, so had a few leftover from the rows in the cutting bed). 

Plump hyacinth bulbs were planted, and now I want some more. I planted two different blues, and my mind has now turned to pink and white ones. I didn't realise that the bulbs can irritate skin, and that explains why, after selecting two packs in the shop, then brushing my hair away from my neck, I got an intense itchy, burning patch of skin. Needless to say, I handled the bulbs with gloves on. 
 I purchased a pack of five mixed Iris Reticulata bulbs - gorgeous wee poppets! I originally planned to plant them in the garden, but thought I would be able to study them more closely in bloom if I planted them in a pot.

I'm having a mini obsession with hexagons currently. I am planning to use these bigger ones to make a quilt. No surprises there.
 Mr Mouse has not been quite so attentive, dedicating plenty of workroom time to napping, although he did get as close as he could to me.
 He looked so sweet fast asleep on a wee pile of scraps and felt.
 The hexagon fabrics are a mix of Lecien Sugar Flower, Pam Kitty by Lakehouse, and one or two other pieces from the rapidly shrinking stash. The round pink object they are sitting on is actually a cutting board that spins like a lazy Susan. I find it irritating to have to rotate myself around the fabric to avoid shifting it, and to cut safely away from myself with the rotary cutter. This is a crafty thing that allows you to spin the cutting surface around. It is only suited to smaller items, although these bigger hexagons are four inches, I think. I'm sure you can purchase much bigger ones, but this one didn't cost too much and is brilliant.
I had some excellent company. Goodnight Mister Tom is one of my favourite ever books, and the movie version is wonderful too. It does capture the feeling of the book, even if some elements had to be left out to create the screenplay.
 Here we've got the little hexagon family, which are to be entirely hand-pieced. I originally planned a cushion, but the fabrics look so joyous together that I think I won't be able to stop until I have a quilt that I can curl up under. I'm using the same fabrics as I have for the bigger hexagons, but have added some more colours in.
 I am using a very speedy technique. Well, speedy compared to paper piecing by basting each piece. I carefully cut the fabric using a plastic template, then iron them around my (shop bought) card hexagons, and use the sewline fabric glue stick to keep the wee foldovers in place. Then the fun bit begins, stitching each one to another, then another, then another... Once they are together it will be easy to remove the card hexagons and reuse them. Excellent! The scrap box is gorgeous too. I'll be making lots more little hexagons with these.
Maybe I should gets some really tiny hexagon cards and make teeny tiny ones.

I can't forget to mention Mrs Zanny, who was an exceptional steed today. We just gelled together beautifully today. I was a bit concerned that she might have thought it was a good idea to mess with me when I went to catch her like she did on Wednesday, but no, she seemed to be waiting for me, and happily gobbled up her carrots and came with me willingly.

We worked in the arena and had the most successful ride we have ever had when schooling. I really focused so hard on my position, and she was steady, sensible, and responsive the whole time. The big mirror is really helpful, although I do look very thick through the midriff when seated in the saddle. We even did some lovely cantering today and our transitions were superb.

 I think I'll have to have a lesson with Emily again soon. Right now I am concentrating as hard as I can on aligning my body correctly, and avoiding pushing my feet forward as I rise to the trot. When I push my heels down my feet come forward, which is guaranteed to make me look like a blobby amateur. Zanny looked stunning today. She has a delightful happy pony face when she's in a good mood. I am so proud of her. Maybe I should make her a hexagon quilt saddle blanket.


Anonymous said...

Goodnight Mr of my favourite books good.
Lovely fabrics.
I am glad you and a good ride today, sounds like you are doing really well!!
Meg xxx

Anonymous said...

A favourite with me too. Where did you find the video? I shouted myself the whole Tenko series the other day. Have to work out how to use the video, its so long since I have used it! Glad Zanny was good. Xxxx