Sunday, January 5, 2014

Summer Fun

Why, oh why did I forget my camera today? Probably cause I spent so long mucking around taming my hair and applying red lipstick. It actually didn't look like a promising day when we headed out. It was drizzling. We went to visit The Tannery, which is a relatively new boutique shopping mall- but not like a regular mall. It is very stylish and has lots of lovely independent shops. We had a good prowl around, and agreed that it would be a great place to take visitors to town. We didn't purchase anything - although there were lots of lovely items that I admired. We did spot a tortilla press- but decided that it was rather expensive.

After our visit to the shops, we headed out to Sumner Beach. By then it was sunny and bright, so on went the sunhats, off came the shoes, and we walked along the beach from the Scarborough end right down to the poor toppled remnants of Shag Rock. I love sloshing along in the seawater, and there were schools of wee fishies in the shallows. Lots of dogs were playing on the beach, and I said that Miss Dog would love an outing to the beach, and Johnny reminded me how she soiled the waters on a previous visit, in a most unpleasant manner. There were people of all shapes and sizes, from bikini clad youngsters, to plump grannies, and a few sturdy gentlemen giving their rotund tummies a good airing. I spotted a tiny wee person wearing a bumblebee swimsuit, complete with matching bathing cap. I was rather envious, but I'd make a nightmarish bumblebee!

Tomorrow promises to be a busy day. Zanny and I are going for a ride. Not sure if we will have company. My new horsey friend is staying on the farm while the family are away on holiday, and she keeps her horse there too. She is American, and really interesting and sweet. I really enjoy riding in the arena with her and we may go out for a wee ride sometime. Her boy is a twit when she goes out riding by herself, but is fine plodding along with company. He spots big monsters everywhere. Mind you, Zanny can be a daft tart over new things lying around. She did some serious reverse and sideways spooking when she spotted a pile of stuff covered by a tarpaulin on our last ride. We got past it in one piece, but I confess to having jelly legs by the time we made it into the arena. I always get the urge to bail when something goes wrong, but there's no bailing from so high up, unlike on a pony. I have enough trouble getting down when Zanny parks herself and looks around to see if I am hurrying up and getting off.

On the home front- the front garden is a mess and I am very displeased with it. Grrrr.

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