Monday, January 6, 2014

Holiday Roundup Three

One of the fun things we did on holiday was to have lunch at Founders Park.
I think Henry is grinning so much to show off his lipgloss. Plus he is about to eat, which is a very good reason to smile in my books. It was a very busy day at the restaurant, and raining as well, so we tucked ourselves under a big umbrella and had a lovely time. 
I fell in love with this beautiful house and want one just the same. I would dress the part of the lady of the house and would definitely need a maid or two. 

Shame about the rain. 
Today the weather has been lovely, although the wind is coming up now, swirling around the garden. I have been tying up the tomatoes, which are rather rampant and floppy, and doing a bit of weeding around the pumpkins. Of course I had plenty of supervision. 

This morning I rode Zanny with my friend Heather and her lovely boy. We went out for our first road ride together and it was a great success. Our steeds were wonderful and we chatted away enjoying the relaxed pace and sunshine. Zanny decided the big open hayshed was full of monsters of a horrible kind, but settled for a couple of spook frights, a bit of snorting and some funny moves as we passed. Heather's boy, who is the king of amateur dramatics when on his own, was perfect with Zanny's leadership, and even ignored the creepy hayshed. Zanny much prefers road rides to arena practise, and I do too when all goes well. It is such a pleasure to see the world from the top of a happy horse. 

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Anonymous said...

Loving the holiday updates!!
Founders is our new fave spot...great setting, yummy food. Great photos xx
Glad horsing went well.

Love to you both plus fur people,
Meg xxxx