Sunday, November 24, 2013

Summer is on the way

What a lovely day I had today. Not the most productive in terms of housework and the garden, but I did have a thoroughly relaxing and fun time. The weather was hot and summery so I needed to get out to see Zanny this morning before the day really heated up. I was expecting a damp day, so this was a real bonus. 
Well, I didn't have a handsome cowboy to accompany me, and I was wearing considerably more safety gear than this elegant lady, but Zanny looked a bit like these lovely steeds. We headed out for our first road ride since I got a bit of a fright when we were out and she decided she wanted to go home NOW!!! We headed off down the long drive and she was so keen to keep going that I went along happily for the ride. She was super good, and we had a lovely time. I didn't push my luck and turned her around when I felt her slow and get a wee bit anxious. When we arrived home she had a good wash in the special horsey washbay and got me thoroughly wet and made me laugh. Great fun.

I was very pleased because a regular farm visitor said Zanny has never looked better. At 19 years old it is great to hear she looks in show condition.

Miss Dog is finding it very hot this evening. Mr Mouse is stuck inside hovering around a slightly open window. He caused a ruckus in the bushes next door this morning trying to repeat his birdie assault experience. The birds were shrieking in fury, and he stomped back indoors without causing any damage.
Christmas is starting to appear up our wee lane. There are wreaths appearing on doors already. I don't have one and always intend to remedy that situation, but can't see the use of spending considerable amounts of money on a plastic one. I need to come up with something more natural, I think. 

Have a lovely week. 

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Anonymous said...

Glad you had a happy day and that Zanny enjoyed it too. Visitors have gone off to town and I have been making the fruit mince for little mince pies so getting a bit Christmasy here today. They will go down well with the wine and nibbles later this afternoon. Lots of love, Mum. xxxx