Saturday, November 30, 2013


Oh how I love a good Saturday. It didn't start on the best of notes because I had to go here for a blood test:

That out of the way I visited The Make Cafe to get fabric to bind a current project.

This is a wee quilt made of Tilda fabrics and the binding has tiny white spots. Sweet. 
On the way home I picked up two pairs of jods I had ordered. One pair went for a spin this afternoon when I went out to the farm for a ride. Zanny was happy and we had a quiet ride around the farm. We like exploring. 
When i was present hunting I found this nail polish set. I have suddenly got the urge to decorate my nails so this will be perfect. 

You can see the knee of my new chocolate coloured jods too. I know you are excited about that.

We put the Christmas tree up at school yesterday, and I hope to get ours up tomorrow. Poor Johnny had to go to a meeting/course thing today and when he got home the weedeater battery died again prematurely. He is not happy. Never mind. I made lasagne for tea, and hopefully it will be good.  

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Anonymous said...

Yay for new jodphurs and nail polish in exotic colours. The wee quilt looks gorgeous.
Love to you and John,