Friday, July 5, 2013

Oh lovely Friday!

Isn't it strange to be pleased that the forecast says rain for tomorrow morning? You know what that means. Sewing and other fabulous fun in my workroom. I've got plenty to go on with. I have the Portrait Blouses to finish, and hopefully I won't waste time with ridiculous stuff-ups. I'm good at those. Also on the upcoming projects list is a Princess Fiona outfit from the movie Shrek. To fit me. I was cast in the role while absent from school and totally defenseless. That'll teach me for getting sick. Even worse, I haven't got anything suitable to wear for the school formal, which is a glittering affair complete with evening gowns and dapper gentlemen. Unlike most teenagers, my students will be extremely disappointed if I'm not raring to go on the dance floor, and they'll be totally impressed with the fizzy drinks available. Maybe I should sew myself a big bright green satin evening gown with gold trim perfect for both the Shrek job and the formal. Do you think anyone would realise?

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