Sunday, June 30, 2013

A new start

From the day they were born...
 Their mummies have looked after them so well.
 And today was the day they had to say "Goodbye!"
 It wasn't without anguish. "Mummy, where are you going?!!!!!"
 Actually, they were both off to a horsey five star hotel. A few circuits of their new accommodation, including a surprising galloping lap (Zanny, I didn't know you had it in you!), and the ladies settled in for some serious eating.
 The ladies are staying with our friend and co-owner of Tara. What a wonderful property she has. I was excited to meet her horses and two of her four pussycats. Take a look at this beautiful gentleman:
 He weighs over 8kg! He makes Mr Mouse look like a wee mouse (apart from his tail- Mr Mouse has a magnificent feather duster of a tail that is hard to beat). Mousie is heading for 6kg.
I also met the paddock mate horse, who is a clydie lady (or mostly- she might have a touch of something else in her breeding) and is so sweet. She has a huge head, kind eyes and a big bottom. Perfect. I also met the paddock mate's paddock mate. Long story. She is a tiny, plump miniature pony called Princess. Her wee ears peek out of her long fur and generous forelock. What a wee poppet!

It was heaven. Zanny and I will be resuming action soon, hopefully, riding in new territory. I thought a couple of weeks off to eat would be wise, but judging by her speedy display today, she is full of beans.  I  had a wonderful day, and hope the dear foals are not too miserable tonight. They have Ben to keep them company (read - in line). It was great to be able to share this big day- weaning, after seeing them come so far.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you had a lovely day, and the weaning has gone well so far! Sounds as if you had a lovely time. All okay here. Love mum xxxxx