Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sun - thank goodness

Rain, rain, go away... And it did today, finally. I managed a trip out to the farm and was delighted to have some time grooming Zanny. Next weekend will be weaning time. The two foals are big, fluffy and gorgeous. I didn't get any photos due to the mob tendencies of the herd of ladies, so I had to be careful when in with them. They were all around the stable yard, and there were some high jinks going on. I even had to feed them carrots over the gate to avoid being trampled. Zanny enjoyed the first half of her brush, and then when Fergie started playing around she got all anxious about getting back to her. It was lovely to spend time with my special girl. She felt so warm and wonderful. 

I was prowling around in The Warehouse checking out the merino cardies when I spotted a pair of sneakers like these lurking on a table of shoes:
 Oh my goodness! I headed straight over to the shoe department and they had my size. In fact they had a size bigger too, which was a miracle in itself. The Warehouse is not known for brilliant quality, but all I hope is that they don't dye my feet blue or fall apart at a critical moment.

I'll be able to wear my new sneakers with one of my new blouses. Here they are all stacked up and ready to sew. I hoped to get on with some serious stitching today, but was having too much fun with horses and socialising to get around to working on these. They are all cut out, even the interfacings, so it won't take long to zoom along with my machine.

Speaking of socialising, Mr Mouse had his friend Molly May over to play last night when we had a casualty. Molly brought her family over with her to watch the rugby. She and Mr Mouse were playing chasing games when he leaped up and over the couch, onto the tea trolley with my primose china on it, and off again, leaving this precious cup split in half with the handle broken into three pieces.
 Thank you my darling, for fixing it with Superglue. I thought it was a goner. I was very sad, but who could be angry with this little man?
He didn't have a very good day yesterday. In fact he also blotted his copybook over the toilet because he was disgusted by the horrible rain and very wet ground. He didn't want to use his indoor toilet either. So he chose to wee in the middle of Miss Dog's new doggy bed. Then he stood in it. Fortunately he tolerated having his fuzzy legs and feet washed in the sink. He is usually perfect, so we were shocked at his disgraceful behaviour. I think he was rather shocked at the growly voice I used after he sullied the dog bed. He has never required much discipline before.

Sorry, this has all been a bit dull. Midwinter can be a bit like that. I did enjoy the feel of the sun today after almost a whole week of dreadful wet weather. We were promised a good fall of snow that never came as well. I am looking forward to seeing Mr Mouse dancing in the snow. His furry feet are perfect for exploring in the snow. The pads of his toes barely show. I should know, I had to wash wee out of his toe fur yesterday.

Mrs Zanny will be having a little break until the school holidays, then I'll be mounting up again. I hope we will be able to have some adventures at some stage. Good adventures, at a sedate, ladylike pace. Not thrilling, dangerous adventures. I'm a bit past that, and she definitely is.


Meg said...

The new sneaks are fab…can't be worse quality than my Cath Kidston ones (shame on you Cath!!). They will be great with your new shirts.
Sounds like you and a productive weekend.
Have a great week,

Nicole Todd said...

Hello! It's Nicole, I've been terrible at keeping in touch, work has been a nightmare. But have a new job! Leading to more horse time (I am leasing another one soon!)

Would be amazing to have a catch up sometime with tea and cakes and talk of horses!