Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pretty Patterns

It has been a fun weekend. My wonderful sister came to stay, and we had a shopping day yesterday. We didn't exactly manage to shop up a storm, because we're not too impressed with this season's colours and designs. Let's just say, I don't always dress like your typical NZ woman. New Zealand tends to be quite a casual place, unless you are a high powered office worker. There are definitely plenty of people who love individual style, but it isn't really the norm to wear 1950's style dresses with cardigans and heels for everyday wear. Occasionally I find treasures, often on sales racks. I found this dress in a floral fabric that I decided would be sweet worn with dark tights and a matching dark cardigan (black, in my case, because I don't have a green one). I'll have to do a photo modelling the dress. It was reduced in price by $100, so I was exceedingly pleased that it fits. 
I was so pleased with Gertie's Portrait Blouse that I had to buy some more fabric to make some more. Take a look at these beauties!

Yes, very retro cherries on gingham. This is a cotton sateen with a touch of stretch. Apparently vintage styled fruit images are going to be a big trend for 2014. Better than another upcoming trend- the return of "grunge". Foul.
 I wanted a blue vintage spotted fabric, but there were no pretty blue shades available, so I got this cotton poplin with tiny biplanes zooming around all over it. So cute!
 And look at this fabulous cowboy fabric, which will make me smile every time I wear it with my jeans. I especially love the cactus plants between the rampant steeds.
 I have to get on with making these up. I was really tired today and ended up having a nap on the couch instead of doing more constructive activities. Annoying.

During the week I spotted this book when I was out and about and HAD to purchase it. I have Rosemary McLeod's From Thrift to Fantasy, which is a fascinating history of needle crafts in New Zealand. Her new book has projects in it, as well as a wealth of historical notes and images.
 The projects are all based on actual vintage patterns or images from Rosemary's extensive collection.
 I especially love the felt creations.

 And look at Mrs Bunny, who has a large skirt, which forms a tea cosy. She looks a bit concerned about steam rising in her nether regions.
 It is a stunning book which I am going to enjoy immensely. I love my craft books.

This week I was lucky enough to win a couple of online auctions and went and picked up my goods on Friday. I love floral chintz china, and don't mind if the pieces are not perfect because I don't collect them as an investment. These Marguerite pieces also came with a cup and side place. I just need another saucer to form a second trio.
 It is a sweet pattern with a cheerful air about it.
 I also won the auction for this divine teapot. It has a repaired lid, but you can't see the crack unless you peer at it. It looks tiny here, but is a nice plump family sized teapot, and I adore it!
I'd never buy a perfect one at the market rate, because I am not an investor, and would worry too much about potential accidents with valuable pieces. I do have some mint pieces, but am happy to give some new life to gorgeous china that has had a bit of a sad life. 

I'm hoping for a fun week and there has been mention of snow later in the week. I'd love to have a couple of snow days at home. I could get those tops finished and take my cowboys out for a spin next weekend!


Anonymous said...

I love the surprised look on the bunny's face, very appropriate! You might get the snow later in the week. The creek has caused a bit of damage here,a lot of rubbish and silt dumped. Love to all, mum. Xxxxxxxx

Meg said...

Thanks so much for having me to stay…I had a lovely time!! Will not leave it so long til the next visit.
The fabrics are great and will make lovely wee tops. Has the dress and an outing yet..bargain!
Ryan is pleased with his hoodie and Henry was super pleased with his finger puppets and money elephant..there are even coins in it.
Love you guys,