Sunday, December 9, 2012

Out and About

I've had a busy day today, and am quite disappointed that it is the evening already. This morning I went to visit the lovely Tara, who was a very sweet girl for me. She isn't smiling here as she was quite unsure about being in the yard for the first time. She was fine when I had my hands on her, but was more spooky when I stepped away. Tara is now in Zanny's big paddock and we had to go through Dolly's paddock, which now houses Lucy, and Lucy wanted to get as close to me as she could, which made Tara kick out and squeal. A bit scary really, because, although I had control of Tara's front end, her back legs could do a fair  bit of damage to Lucy, and she is worth a lot of money. 

Not only did Tara have to deal with Madam Lucy, she had to go past a burning bonfire, a ride-on mower and a large tractor, and I managed her fine, even though she was a bit alarmed. She is a perfect friend for me to work with. I gave her a good groom and lots of munchy treats. Look at that tummy! I hope she is cooking up a baby as lovely as Zanny's dear wee filly. 
 Johnny and The Crafty Neighbour took advantage of a special price for mushroom compost and got a trailer load between them while I was out horse grooming. We then had to unload copious amounts of the stinking stuff. I can report that horse poo smells a lot nicer than mushroom compost. The Crafty House pongs of the stuff, according to The Crafty Neighbour, but Johnny wisely dampened our pile with the sprinkler, so we don't have the same problem.

After all of that digging and scooping, I developed a headache, and instead of having my traditional lie down, I took Miss Dog for a prowl over at the local nature park.
 We both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
 It is starting to dry out. There is now a new subdivision next to the nature park.
 As long as there are no other people around, I can let Miss Dog have a good sniff around. She is way too friendly, and doesn't always listen when I call her if there are other people in the vicinity. She was a rebellious youngster and things haven't changed much over the years.

 I find the coprosmas interesting with their tiny leaves and network of protective branches.

 My garden contrasts hugely with the native plantings in the nature park. I was excited to spot the first Christmas lilies opening and releasing their divine scent.
I have a large collection of Christmas lilies, as I spread the seeds around every year.
 This rose looked so fresh and pretty today.
  And Mr Mouse loves lurking in the garden. Those lavenders are getting past their best, and the feijoas are growing big now, so I wonder what Mr Mouse with think when I do some plant evictions?
I'm sure there will be many jungle-like hidey holes for Mousie to play in. I'm not exactly a minimalist when it comes to garden design. Or anything else.

Johnny has made one of his divine bacon and egg pies for tea. We're getting a dozen free range eggs from a friend each week, which is economical, but means we have to plan eggy meals more often than usual. I love the eggs because I personally know the hens, and they have an amazing, happy hen life in their own extensive grassy paddock.

Have a great week!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a nice afternoon going for a cruise with Poppy.
Tara is lovely isn't she.

Roll on Christmas...we are well behind with our Christmas shopping but I haven't' hit panic mode yet!!

Meg xx