Saturday, December 8, 2012

Feeling merry?

Mouse is...
 Here he is relaxing with his prey. A poor Christmas star. My tree seems to be a bit bald this year as I haven't smothered it in tinsel. I don't know how much havoc Mousie would create with more sparkly stuff to attract him. By the way, I have to brush that fur every day to keep him in civilised order. He has vast clouds of thick wavy wool.

 I discovered this vintage treasure has a wee birdie in it. I hope Mr Mouse doesn't find out!
 This feathered bird looks ready to flutter away at any moment.
 This wee darling would be pretty enough to put on my Christmas tree.
 She had a good snuffle of my hand today. She was much more alert and active than on her birthday. Yesterday the weather was dreadful, so I was quite worried about her getting chilly in the cold wind and rain.
 Zanny obviously has motherhood sorted. She gave her baby an affectionate lick.
 On the crafty front I have been pottering around doing some scrapbooking and realised my lack of flowers was standing in my way, so I made my own out of layers of paper dampened and shaped with glimmer mist, then stuck together with a sparkly brad (or split pin as they are called here). I made some little serrated leaves to go with them. Tara looks pleased.
 I'll go out to see her tomorrow morning, all going well. I want to bring her in and give her another good groom and see how she is to handle after a week in her new home.

We've got homegrown raspberries to have with cream and meringues tonight for pudding. It took me a ridiculously long time to harvest this many because the raspberry patch has turned into a jungle and there was a lot of flotsam and jetsam to negotiate before I could reach any berries. Worth the effort though, even though I did have to say a bad word when a nasty bully of a thistle (almost as tall as me) spiked the back of my hand, and felt like a bee sting. I accused it of bearing poison on its vicious spines.
So are you feeling merry yet? I would if I had Christmas shopping a bit more organised, and if I was a little closer to the end of term. It is exciting to be anticipating the break-up for the long summer holidays. Johnny breaks up earlier than I do so I have told him he has to do the Christmas shopping while I am hard at work. Fair don't you think? I think he might buy stuff if I give him specific orders.

We might watch the English language version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo tonight. Better than Starship Troopers, which is the movie on tv tonight. We have watched the first and second Nanny McPhee movies at school recently and I absolutely loved them. Particularly the second one. Piglets doing synchronized  swimming really appealed to my sense of humour! I own the first movie and have used it for wet lunchtimes, but have never had time to just sit and watch it. I think I'll look out for the second one on DVD too, as that one was borrowed.

Time for pudding, I think. Mmmmmmm.


Anonymous said...

Your raspberries are well ahead of ours. They look delicious, as does wee foal - she has filled out already. I like Cartouche for a name :-) or Liebling. A lovely day here, just out to do some weeding and plant some things. Love to you xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said... there a competition to name the foal??

I will get my thinking cap on.
She is go lovely.

Must get our Christmas tree up next weekend.

Love you,