Friday, November 16, 2012

Me and my girl

Today is what we call Show Day around here. It is a holiday in Canterbury, and the Canterbury A and P show is on currently. I went on Wednesday with five of my students, and we had a lovely time. We patted horses, donkeys, lambs and llamas and held baby turkeys. It was sunny, but not scorching hot or windy, so it was a very pleasant day. 

So, of course, I had to take advantage of the opportunity to go and visit my darling girl, who I think is rather fed up with being pregnant. She was very obliging, as always, but just looked a bit jaded. She also had the indignity of being given a drench in a big syringe, which she wasn't exactly delighted with. She looked like she had toothpaste around her mouth after that. 

Today Mrs CT was out visiting too, so she took some photos of Zanny and I having our usual brush and cuddle session. 
 Zanny wasn't smiling for the camera, as usual.
 Of course the cuddles were appreciated. By me, anyway.
 The foal was lying to her left side so her tummy stuck way out towards the left.
 Mrs CT was busy finding interesting things.
 After her drench, Zanny had a quick sniff at the grass and decided that she'd rather go straight back to the paddock. Usually she eats and eats in the lovely long grass. We're going out there for tea tonight, so I'm sure I'll get a chance to sneak out to the paddock to check on her.
I've been pottering around doing some scrapbooking when I get a chance. I finally did a wee page for Mr Mouse. These photos were the first ones I took of him when he came to visit. Dear wee man. 
This is a 6 pocket photo page. I put a panel in to write a note, which matches the borders on the other page above.
I got some very pretty papers recently. I have a matching pair of these lovely botanical style pages.
 They are tricky to use because they are just too pretty to cover or chop up.
 I found some lovely rose ones too. The front of this page is gorgeous.
And it has this on the reverse - the flowers are much smaller.
 This would have to be one of my favourite papers ever. I am planning to record all of my roses, and this would be the perfect paper for the title page or cover of a mini album.
 This is a cherry blossom paper. Of course I will put this year's cherry blossom photos on it.
 This paper is fun, with lots of old New Zealand stamps printed on it.
 And this one will probably come in handy for a beach trip or for a fishing photo. It probably won't be me fishing, but it could be Fisherman Jim or Cam and family.
 Mr Mouse and I had a little accident last night. He was being a very naughty boy about coming inside in the evening for bed. He evaded me for quite a while, then lay under a lavender bush, so I grabbed him. As I cuddled him and took him towards the door I realised that he was weeing. There was a trail of wee from the lavender bush all the way to the back door, and soaking through all of my clothes. Now, what cat wees lying down? Just another ridiculous cat related mishap in our time together.

I have been wanting to show off his beautiful tail for quite some time. He has it all bushed out constantly, and it is just divine to stroke.
His fur is very dark grey along his back and on the top of his tail.
But underneath it is very white. Surprise!
He really is a constant source of love and amusement. We treasure him every day.

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Meg said...

Gorgeous photos of you and Zanny and Mr Mouse.
I am jealous you got to go to the show!!
Have a happy weekend,
Love you,

Meg xx