Saturday, September 1, 2012


The first day of spring, and I am thrilled that it is finally here. My garden is bright and interesting again.   

Oh dear. Miss Dog keeps letting off horrifying clouds of cloying gas which are causing a great deal of distress to all in her vicinity. I wonder what she sneakily ate. 

Today we were judging showjumping at the training event at Mcleans Island, for Eventing Canterbury. It went very smoothly for us, thank goodness. Johnny and I did the judging together. He was the writer and I was officially the judge, but I was tired and I was so easily distracted that he had to keep me on the straight and narrow. Luckily it was super simple. 

This is Katie Rankin. She's one of Canterbury's top riders. 
 And here is Annabel Wigley, who has competed internationally, including at Badminton. Both riders are smiley and friendly. They were riding multiple horses, as usual.
 It was a bit chilly and the sun was out for only part of the morning. Brrr.
Unusually for eventing, only one rider fell off. Her horse, which is like a rodeo bucking bronco whenever I see it in action, reared up and fell back and she fortunately fell clear. It is so dangerous when they do that because riders sometimes get killed by being crushed when rearing horses fall. She was fine though. 

I'm planning to pop out to see Zanny tomorrow. I've got carrots from the garden for her. She'll be very pleased. Pregnant mares are ruled by their stomachs!

We popped across to see the puppies today. Sorry, I was so wrapped up in cuddles that I didn't take photos. They have doubled in size, at least, and their wee eyes are just open. One pup has started to bark! Someone got pooed on, and it wasn't me. Very funny. Puppies at that age don't seem too concerned about where they do a whoopsie. 

 I absolutely love our front border. The weeping pear trees are just about to come out in blossom. 

 There are now tulips out, and I'm sure the Dutch iris' will come out soon.
 We spotted the first blossoms on the flowering cherry trees along our wee street today. Wind, wind, stay away!
 I've been having a prowl around for pretty fabrics. Clarke and Clarke fabrics are available at Femme de Brocante, which is in Rangiora. I've also got one or two Colefax and Fowler fabrics among these.
 Big, painterly blooms are fashionable in furnishings currently.
 Look- cats! Not sure I'd use it for curtains, but maybe a cushion or apron.
 Roses and Pansies from Colefax and Fowler. I think this would be prettier in real life.

I rather like this one for elegant curtains.
Mr Mouse is curled up in his father's arms. He has had a very active evening, and has crashed. Apart from his early morning wakeup calls, he is the light of our lives at the moment. I can't imagine a better child. He adores his big doggy sister, and she is so good with him. I must try to get some photos of them wrestling, and of him straddling her head when she is lying down, and chewing her face. She just holds still and takes it. She is even used to the way he frantically launches assaults on her tail now. In fact we are all used to being ambushed wherever we go. However, as he is usually incredibly gentle most of the time, we don't mind at all. Dear little man.

I'm so thrilled to have my glasses now. I am consuming books frantically to make up for lost time. It has been a long time since I have been able to read for any length of time without headaches and horrible eye strain. I really recommend an eye assessment if you are a headache sufferer. My head has been miles better since I got my glasses.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend. XXX

Ps. I did a whole month without confectionery. I actually do have a bit of willpower!


Anonymous said...

Awesome effort with the no sweeties!! Wish I had your willpowerxx

Bleak day here, Henry up early. Your garden will be gorgeous as usual.
Those fabrics are gorgeous, I think we should adventure out to Rangiora and the Oxford on our next visit.

Love you,
Meg xx

Anonymous said...

I love the big painterly blooms fabric - do you know the maker? Glad you had a good weekend doing things you love. We have had a lot of rain. Lots of love, Mum. xxxxxx