Sunday, August 26, 2012

Almost Spring!

I had such a wonderful day today. It was so warm and beautiful, with a slight balmy breeze. My first activity, after eating leftover pear and blueberry sponge pud for breakfast (shame there was no cream left over), was heading out to visit my darling girl Zanny. 

Zanny was extra pleased to see me because her breakfast was late, and she made the mistake of thinking I was about to deliver it. She didn't seem to mind being caught and taken to the stable yard, especially when I stripped off her cover and started getting rid of handfuls of loose fur with a curry comb. I love scraping the big clumps of fur out of the curry comb and throwing them on the ground for nesting birds to collect. Mrs Zanny was in a jolly mood, and we took a leisurely stroll out along the road. The local sheep farmer was tailing lambs, which resulted in lots of crying wee lambies and distressed mummies. Zanny decided that crossing the road was enough avoidance, but Shadow the foxy, who loves coming out with us, turned tail and headed home as we approached. 

We didn't go too far, because Zanny's comfort is important with her foal due in December. When we got back I spent some time chatting with Viv while Zanny had a graze in a fantastic grassy area by the hay shed, and Viv noticed her flank moving in and out in a weird way. Can you believe I could actually feel the foal moving its leg in and out against her side, and could wrap my hand gently around it! Zanny didn't mind at all, because she had her mouth full of lush grass. I was thrilled. 

After lunch I got outside to do some digging for victory. 
 Actually weeding for victory was my main focus.
 Someone was helping me.

 I have decided that I need to focus on growing vegetables that we love or eat a lot of, and try to do that really well so I have a steady supply. At this stage lavish amounts of greens, tomatoes, peppers (chili and bell because they are so expensive), peas, onions, garlic, basil, cucumbers and pumpkins are on my mind. I need to grow things like corn in small amounts planted in succession. I'll plant beans because they are fun. It may seem silly to grow onions when they are always fairly cheap but I think they taste so much better freshly dug. Spuds are not much good to grow because they take up too much room in my modest patch. I'm sure I'll be tempted by all sorts of things.

On the topic of being tempted, take a look at these perfect little Labrador babies. They are nine days old and so delicious! They belong to the Crafty Neighbours. There are four boys and one wee girl.
 They have tripled in size since they were born, I think.
 Look at the wee tongues poking out. They were making wee puppy whining noises and hoping for a feed.
 Look at the wrinkles.
 Their wee ears are all squeezed up and appear to be as closed as their eyes.

 Mmm- milk? No, what a disappointment. The tiny little ear flaps are just adorable, as are the dear wee paws.
 Sadly, the puppies needed to be tucked back in their bed with their mother, who, I suspect, will never have a trim bosom again. I had to be content with admiring my front border, which is developing some bright spring colour.
 Johnny was muttering about his lawn last weekend, and I can see it does look patchy. We have had so much rain over winter I can't believe it has dry looking patches. I'm sure there will be some remedy. I love to lie on the lush lawn in the summer. In between bursts of weeding. No rest for the wicked.
I'm glad to say I'm feeling so much better now I have had some wonderful time in the sun. Spring is here in my garden. The rest of the country will be waiting a few more days until the official season change on the 1st of September. 

By the way, it is our wedding anniversary tomorrow. Love you darling!!!XXX

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Anonymous said...

Aren't the squidgy wee puppies gorgeous? Sounds as if you had a lovely day and much better weatherwise than we had here. Your garden is looking pretty and Mousie has grown! Lots of love and have a good week. Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx