Monday, July 9, 2012

Perfect timing

So soon after we lost our dear friend Jasper another pusskin needs a home. I would like you to meet Mr Mouse:
 He is the offspring of a Birman mummy and an unidentified gentleman caller. His mother was handed into the SPCA with her litter of kittens, apparently lost/stray after the earthquakes.
 Mr Mouse is a soft grey agouti tabby, according to official colour charts. He has the tabby "M" on his forehead and dear wee lightly striped legs, but the rest of him is sort of blended tones of grey and extremely soft and fluffy. He has a mane around his face like a wee lion.
 He is very sweet and gentle, cautious, a little timid upon first meeting, and super playful.
 He came for a visit today, and will be moving in on Thursday. I am so excited and thrilled. He seemed very pleased to meet me too. He and I spent time bonding, and he is person oriented and seems very intelligent and responsive. I'm used to the Siamese qualities of being chatty and loyal, and I think Mr Mouse will be like that. He followed me around and when I lay on the couch he came and sat on me purring. When I went through the house he ran slightly ahead of me through the door and did a wee spin out on the hard floor, stopped suddenly, hissed and turned into a ball of fuzz with a wee fluffed up tail. I think he gave himself a fright. He is going to be so cute and funny.
 Look how tiny he is. That is why he is called Mr Mouse. He had a very rough start because he was half the size of his siblings, but has been looked after with such care by my lovely cousin, who is a vet, and is now looking fantastic and is full of beans.
 Time for a rest.
I think he is going to be the most delightful wee friend, and just what we need to brighten things up around here. It is so soon after saying goodbye to our special Jasper, but because Mr Mouse is completely different it doesn't feel like he is a replacement. Even after a short time together I can tell he is very special. There is something about him that is incredibly special. 

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Anonymous said...

What a wee darling he is scrumptious! I am sure you will all get on well together. xxxxx