Saturday, June 30, 2012

Another Heartbreak

My darling ginger friend. I loved you so much, and still do. At 18 years old, you had a long, long life, and your heart was ready to rest. We were so privileged to have you for over a year. Your wee routines, soft ginger and white fur and remarkably tiny voice were always a source of pleasure for me. And you loved my routines. Visits to the bathroom, where you could be guaranteed a cuddle and kind words, food on demand, and happy times in my workroom. You loved the raspberry patch for naps in the summertime. We buried you near the raspberries, and planted a plum tree on top. I will miss you so, so much. You were a true gentleman pussycat. XXXX


Gigibird said...

Oh Fiona I am so sorry to hear Jasper has died.
You gave him a lovely home to see out his last year and from the photos and stories you shared here we could see how he really fell on his feet and was happy and contented so you should take comfort you gave him that.
He was such a handsome boy and although it's difficult now in months and years to come you have some lovely images to remember him with.
I think it's lovely he is buried in his favourite spot in the garden.

Meg said...

Dear old will really notice he has gone but I am glad you found the perfect spot for him in the garden.

Lots of love, Megxx