Sunday, July 22, 2012

Motherly pride

I apologise, but I must feature my new child once again. I adore him! He is the dearest wee man who is funny, loving, gentle, busy, nosy and full of life. This morning he was playing with Miss Dog. 
 At first he wasn't too sure, and presented his dramatic, "threatening" persona.
 Then he thought poking her with his paws might be fun.

 Wild eyes. In some photos he has such crazy colouring in his eyes that they look like zombie eyes.
 This looks like an orca about to take a seal off an iceberg. Miss Dog thinks he is very sweet, but she doesn't touch him yet. Mr Mouse will give her a wee dabble with his paw, and she wags her tail merrily.
 This little man is just starting to get his adult teeth, so can now be officially aged at 16 weeks, according to his Auntie Ems. We can work out a birthday for him now! He is most likely going to be a small cat when he is grown up, as he is still little for his age.
 I figure once he gets outside he is going to be a nimble and adventurous hunter. I'm not sure if I like that idea! We love birds in our garden.
 Well, I did manage to tear myself away from the fascinating new addition to the family. Yesterday we had to do some jobs and I found this:
I'm a huge Babette Cole fan, and I have the first installment in the "Dr. Dog" series, which is very funny. This is also wonderful, so it is now part of my library. I should really collect all of her books. I love the illustrations and humor in the stories.

Today the weather was dreary, but I risked it and headed out to see Zanny. The weather was a little brighter out at the farm. I was very surprised to find that her ladyship has started shedding her winter coat already. Apparently she is always first. I think the time has come for us to start shortening our rides as she was telling me that she didn't feel all that excited about an outing today. Her tummy is very rotund, and the weight of me and the foal must be quite a load. We will take it quietly. She's a big, tall lady, and rides are good for her, but I will listen to her and see how we go.

Mr. Mouse has discovered the joy of lying by the fire. He is rolling around in ecstasy, showing off his spotty tummy. I think I might join him (but I'll keep my tummy to myself). 


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Glad you had a nice weekend, I see it was cold down there.
I love the Dr Dog cute!
Good that Zanny, Mr Mouse and Poppy are all good.
Have a good week at school...back to work tomorrow for us...boohoo.
Love you,

Gigibird said...

Don't apologise for gratuitous kitten photos!

I particularly love the one where he's about to whop Miss Dog...