Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Back to school

The holidays are over and we are back to school. So far I have had two great days as the weather has been beautiful, and the days are getting longer already. We spotted some blossom out at the weekend, and that is always special. The spring bulbs are peeping through the soil. 

We had a wonderful weekend with our dear wee nephew staying with us with his mummy and daddy. Two year olds are hard work. They are beginning to want independence, but are not ready for it, so need watching every second. Henry says such funny things now that he is talking much more. He is a determined little lad with a huge, gorgeous smile. He was very excited to meet our new family member. Yes, Mr Mouse is making himself at home. As you can see, he is extremely nosy and likes to involve himself in everything. 
 Once Mr Mouse was distracted by attacking me from under the bed, I fiddled with the camera flash and got a reasonable photo of Mollie Makes, which I bought yesterday. I had one digital copy, but thought I'd get a "real" one to take a look at.
 I love the buttons on the cover. I'm not sure what I will do with them, but I am enjoying looking at them. There are lots of lovely things to read about and make.
 I recently got this book from The Book Depository. It has some simple techniques I didn't know about, and some fun quilts to make. Plus the author, Tula Pink, is a fabric designer, and writes about her creative process, which I found very interesting.
 Mr Mouse discovered that this towel is not ours. I wonder who left it behind after their weekend visit?   I guess it will need to be packaged up with the two vehicles lurking in the living room for delivery home.
Actually Mr Mouse is deciding whether to give Miss Dog a bit of cheek from under the chair in this photo. He is getting very brave around her, and I think it won't be long before he is chasing her tail and swinging off her ears. After a good play, a bit of dinner and a visit to his bathroom (with disgusting results as usual), he has now tucked himself under my arm as I type and is fast asleep.


Anonymous said...

Hey there...

Thanks for the fantastic weekend..we had a great time!! Henry is still talking about Nona and John and Mr Mousey...
Don't worry about the towel...use it as a dog towel..it is crusty and old!! The cars can come with my birthday parcel ;>)
Love you guys xx

ps. The Pie book helped create an awesome mince and cheese pie for tea tonight...great pressy!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely to see that Mr Mouse is settling in and looks very beautiful. Love the books too. Nothing like a good book in the hand. It has been a beautiful springlike day today. It was good to get outside and do some work. Bambi is coming out. Lots of love to all, Mum. xxxxxxxxxxxx