Sunday, June 10, 2012


Today I didn't end up going out to see my darling Zanny, which I am sad about. It was very icy and very much an indoor day out where she lives, so I reluctantly decided to stay home. We did some things at home. I made some delicious pumpkin soup from one of my homegrown pumpkins. We had morning tea with The Crafty Family, at their place, while Miss Dog played with Meg and Molly, and I did some more work on my scrapbooking pages, including Lucy's page. I love hunting out the best photos and then choosing the layout. It is like making mini quilts.

Fortunately my hip muscle is settling down a bit. It still hurts, but I'm not making owwwww noises whenever I move. Sleeping was a significant challenge last night, so hopefully I can settle comfortably tonight. I did manage to squash my fingernail under the heavy handle of the knife when I was battling with Mr Pumpkin today. At least I survived with all my fingers still attached, even if one is a bit bruised. I've still got a black patch on one of my big toenails where a mayo jar landed on it. I seem to recall being rather accident prone (read clumsy) as a child, and seem to be regressing.

Everywhere I look there are projects to complete, books to read and interesting things. I'm having an extraordinary amount of fun scrapbooking. I have to resist that long-held habit of hoarding the materials. I still remember the disappointment when, as a child, I discovered that I had hoarded some paints for so long they had dried up. So I'm just getting stuck in and hoping for the best.

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