Saturday, June 9, 2012

Snow and Scrapbooking

Firstly, I must apologize for the state of the photos in this post. The light worked against me, both indoors and outdoors. I had a fiddle with the colour balance in the snow photos, but pitch black dog on white snow was difficult to capture with a simple wee camera. 

As you can see, we had snow during the week, and I took these photos on a walk with Miss Dog in our neighbourhood. It was Thursday - no school! We had a SNOW DAY. Yay!!!
 Miss Dog loves exploring in the snow. She snuffled her nose under bushes and raced around.
 Up and down the snow drifts. The snow was thick on the ground, and broke branches on trees.
 Considering we have just entered winter, this was a remarkable snowfall. I wonder what other weather this winter will bring?

Today The Crafty Neighbour, her Crafty Mother and I went to visit Scrappin' Patch in Rolleston. I dabbled in a bit of scrapbooking after my last visit, and this time had more of an idea of what would work for me. I decided to make album pages for Lucy and Henry, our darling niece and nephew. I thought it would pay to get into the cute papers before they grow up any more. I couldn't resist this cute woodland creatures paper for Henry. The photos are so sweet. I'm strictly a beginner, but this looks fine to me, and suits Henry. It is much better in real life.
 I grabbed this fantastic robot paper and card robots to make a page for his next visit, which is not too far away.
 I love this pretty girly page, which is for Lucy. I have to find some pretty photos of her. I've also got some gorgeous fabrics to make something for her. Another project to think about.
 I decided to get stuck in and finish off the pages I had started earlier this year, before sewing took over again.
 When I see photos of myself on horseback it is hard to believe that it is really me! I've got friends on these pages too.
 I couldn't resist this page. It can be cut up. I might make a picture with it. I adore the old fashioned seed packets.
 And look! Hexagons for a quilting page.
 This one is just the round part with the scalloped edge. Gardening perhaps? Love the red spotty gumboots.
 I got some sweet floral themed papers too.
Now I've got to get very busy and create some more pages.

Tomorrow will be a horsey day. I wanted to give Zanny some time to recover from the cold days. I remember how tired Sam was after snow days last year. Unfortunately when I picked up the vacuum cleaner to move it this afternoon something felt like it ripped across my hip, and it wasn't my knickers. I wish it was. I've hurt a muscle and it is really painful. Time I got Windsor Pilates out again to "strengthen my core." I thought that the last time I hurt my back, and I never did. The newest injury will teach me for my lack of regard for my midsection. Especially if I can't get my leg over Zanny tomorrow (in an equestrian manner, of course!).

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Meg said...

Awesome snow pictures!!
The scrap booking looks fun and the Henry page is super cute (just like him!!).

I have a sore back so can empathize with your ripped knickers muscle...horrid.

Have a good ride (in the horse sense) tomorrow,

Meg xx