Sunday, April 8, 2012

Scarlett Oak Derby Day

Pop over to the Scarlett Oak Equestrian Facebook page to have a look at some of the photos from today's Derby Day. What a great day! Celine had set up a fantastic course that rode beautifully. In fact there was only one fall, and that was at a little bank rather than a jump, and the rider wasn't hurt. The horses really looked like they were having fun. I sometimes think showjumping rounds are so short that the action is all over so quickly, but with derby courses there are more jumps over a longer distance. The jumps are all like showjumps in that they are made to fall if bumped, but some may have crosscountry touches, like water or brush. There are also undulations in the course, and there can be very steep banks and drops. Celine's course covered the arena area plus the grassy slopes and banks around the riding school area. I was amazed at how bitchy a couple of the competitors got, questioning the scoring and making snarky comments about how they were judged. Everyone else was great and seemed to have fun.

I'm eating an Easter chicken. She has a very angry look in her eye, and that is probably because I've eaten all of her except her head and neck. I actually don't like eating things with facial features. I know the chicken is just chocolate set in a mold, but with a face I can't help empathising with the poor creature. I find egg eating more satisfying, but there have been slim pickings around here over the Easter break. Barbara bought some caramello creme eggs to share - those are the sweetest things known to humankind. One was plenty, and I have superhuman tolerance to sweet goodies, so they are off the scale.

I hope you have had a happy Easter break. I'm always a bit dubious about celebrating a horrible event that took place long ago. Anyway, apparently Easter is not the actual date of the dreaded Christian incident (and resurrection - is that bit supposed to make us forget the horrible death part?). I prefer to think about the springtime chickens and bunnies, plus lots of chocolate and flowers, even though it is autumn here.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great day.
We braved the crowds and went to the Mapua Easter Fair...we got there really early and had a lovely time. Then we had icecream at the Mapua wharf...a fab day. Plus we went on the train last night..yay for holidays!!
Yum yum Easter eggs!!