Friday, April 13, 2012

A cup of tea

I never used to drink much tea at all. Now I love a relaxing cup. I've got back into my sewing this week. I love to make a lovely cup of tea (medium strength, a bit of milk-but not too much, and no sugar), then drink it in my workroom while contemplating the many project options at hand. I've made a bit of progress with unfinished projects this week. Mummy's quilt now has a back. I am considering my options for joining the quilt sandwich - that is why there's  red button lurking. 
 I also created the binding for my little Robyn Pandolph Scarborough Fair charm pack quilt. I was having trouble choosing the fabric for the binding, and finally found this pretty pink spot in my stash, where it had been waiting all along. I adore these pretty squares of fabric all put together. The quilting is fantastic too, if I may say so myself.
 Jasper is super comfy on his nest, which is made up of the Kaffe Fassett stack and slash cushion I made for him, topped with his favourite quilt. He was naughty and did a wee on the front door (inside) yesterday. Needless to say he was exceptionally unpopular all evening.

I'm feeling rather tired because we've been keeping busy over the holidays. Yesterday I went out to visit my dear Zanny. Not sure that she was all that impressed about having a ride because she kept speeding up as we went towards the arena exit. I think she would love it if I took her out for a ride along the road, but I'm not sure about that without Viv. If she was a plodder I wouldn't hesitate, but she loves speed, at walk or at trot. Anyway, we headed out to the arena, which always makes her super alert and a bit tense. She has to walk past horses on her right, and as she is blind in her right eye she can hear them, but can't see them. Scary. Then once we get out there the builders are busy working on the new house, making lots of noise, and there's always a dog or two lurking around the arena. Rabbit hunting, I guess. Yesterday Em was working some of her horses in the arena, so we pottered around the edges, keeping out of her way. She is schooling a big grey and white pinto eventing horse currently, preparing him for sale. He is exceptionally naughty and threw several tantrums, trying to leave the arena area. Then he did a massive rear, with Emily hanging off his neck and her legs dangling down over his backside. Fortunately he didn't go over backwards, and she pulled herself back into the saddle and proceeding to do battle so he wouldn't win. Me and Zanny cowered in the corner, then I decided things were getting a bit scary, so I dismounted and led her to safety. I'm guessing there will be plenty more similar battles in the near future, before he is ready to go to a new (experienced) rider. Hopefully not when Zanny and I are around. I've got a lesson at Scarlett Oak tomorrow morning. I wonder if Chief will be ready for action again? Next week I'm planning a pamper day for Zanny, as we are winning the war against her scurfy coat. Plus, super excitement, Tinks Pottinger is coming to stay at the Butcher house and I've been invited to come and meet her and see her give some lessons. I hope to get Zanny out in the arena before she starts lessons, so she might see me ride. Funny. Hopefully not embarrassing. 

Johnny has been getting right into his mountain biking. Today he and I went out to Mclean's Island bike track. It was my fourth visit there. It is damn hard work and requires lots of concentration not to crash. Plus guts to get up the hills without stopping (which I can do now, thanks to discovering very low gears and thinking of Katy Perry's new song video in which she joins the Marines). I'm less confident on the downhills as some are very steep. Today I had a bit of trouble with low blood sugar as I needed to eat more before going, and I threw the toys out of the cot at one of the downhills. I was grouching about being too scared because I thought I might fall off and smash my teeth. I wheeled my bike down sulkily. There's no going back once you are on the track, and it can be 10 km of Hell, with bonus Hell of either 2 km or 5 km (or both) if you feel up to it. Today we did 12 km. I'm pleased I can now do all of the uphills without stopping, and next time I'm try not to throw a tanty. Maybe I'll think of a nice cup of tea. 


mcdaff said...

Hi good to hear your news. It will be great to see Tinks Pottinger teaching. Sounds like the bike riding is pretty strenuous. We had a good day in Nelson today, apart from the old mammosqueeze. Nice to see where Henry goes to school (really great) and shopping with Meg. Lots of love, Mum. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Meg said...

Hey there...sounds like you guys have been making the most of the holidays, that is great! Gorgeous day here today, hope you have a lovely day down there as well.