Sunday, January 22, 2012

Busy weekend

The last four days have been really busy. I've enjoyed myself hugely, mainly because of the horsey activities. Last Thursday was my fun riding lesson. On Friday I went out to Viv and Emily's place for a horse day. I did everything from holding the scanner when Zanny was having her pregnancy scan (things are looking good at this stage, finger's crossed), to watching lessons, preparing horses for competition and cleaning tack. Four horses were getting ready for the ESNZ showjumping competition in Ashburton on Saturday. I went down with Emily in the horse truck, which was a very comfortable ride. I did my usual grooming job, and got to watch my horse friends compete. Evie, Chippie, William and Lewis did a wonderful job and I got to bring some ribbons home as Emily has no interest in them (she has won so many they are just a nuisance to her). She got more today, but I decided that I would just do one day, as Ashburton isn't close to home. I couldn't help being sad that I wasn't there to see William compete in the Grand Prix round, which he got fourth in, against a select group of amazing jumpers. It did rain all day down there though.

Today John went out and played golf with some of our man friends. I went with the ladies and had brunch at the Tai Tapu Store. The food was gorgeous and they had interesting gift items too. Surprisingly I was ready for a good feed at tea time and headed out to the garden. These tomatoes are from the greenhouse, and I picked some beans, a lovely onion and a wee garlic bulb from the collection drying on the deck. 
Unfortunately there was a casualty. I chopped my poor finger with a very sharp knife and spent the next hour with a flannel wrapped around it. The cut is one of those tiny ones that bleed like mad and restart with a bump. How annoying! Never mind, homegrown veges are the best.

This week I have to get myself sorted for school.

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Anonymous said...

Cheeky girl! I've just read the comment about your crafty neighbour getting stuck into the old vino on one of your old blogs. (Prebbleton diaries)Think we'll have to repeat the evening this year. LOL, crafty neighbour.