Sunday, January 29, 2012

Back to school tomorrow

Today was the last day of the holidays, and I made the most of it. We had some serious work to do in the greenhouse, as my tomatoes had taken over. Johnny built a frame so that I could tie them up more securely, and I was pleased to be able to winch them up off each other. I've got cucumbers and chilies in there as well, so needed to re-establish my authority to give them a chance. We've been harvesting tomatoes for almost a month now. My outdoor ones have a while to go before they ripen. Unfortunately there were quite a few lost fruit in the tie-up process, but I'll do something with those next Sunday, hopefully. Green tomato pickle? I planted some spring onions, rainbow chard, spinach, carrot and basil seeds today, in the raised beds. Plus I re-organised some lettuce seedlings so that they have more room to grow into spectacular salad greens.

I've decided to make the most of the slow cooker by making up big batches of freezable concoctions for meals during the week. Today I made chili con carne. It will make good nachos, cottage pie, canneloni filling, lasagne layers, spicy bolognaise or a topping for mashed spuds, rice or pasta. I'm feeling like a domestic goddess with that effort!

Actually, I think this is my favourite time of year. Autumn is approaching, which I love. The beautiful days and cooler nights suit me. Plus the harvest season is exciting. Corn, new season's apples, stonefruit, tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, beans, carrots, greens- I could go on and on. I love seeking nut and fruit trees on the side of the road. I've got an apple tree earmarked for a visit by bike shortly to see how things are progressing. I can use my new apple peeling/coring/slicing machine (thanks Pyro-Jim).

I'm determined not to run out of steam enjoying life during term time this year. I've got to work on my fitness most days, so I think I'll try to sneak in some digging after school, or a walk or bike ride. I'll be horse riding each weekend. Johnny has been working on my bike, but I might get a new one if my old one continues to hurt my wrists. He is having a very happy time doing bike things.

On my schedule this week:
Monday: Teacher Only Day- professional development about something. I'll find out when I get there. Criminal Minds at 8.30pm.
Tuesday: Teacher Only Day- Jill Connell - child development expert - professional development.
Wednesday: Staff Only Day- Marae Visit and meetings. 5.30pm Twilight Eventing at National Equestrian Centre (showjumping judging).
Thursday: Students arrive at school for first day. Riding lesson 4.30pm. Stormchasers at 9.30pm.
Friday: Teaching. Probably a bit tired by now.
Saturday: Showing and Dressage day at Scarlett Oak (me and Bay Sam). Feeding Viv and Em's horses at 5.30pm.
Sunday: Gardening and cooking etc etc. Yay!
Monday: Waitangi Day holiday Yay!

On a sad note- dear Katie Dog, Mr and Mrs CT's German Shepherd, had to be put down this morning. It was time, but still a sad time for everyone who loved her. She was a breeding lady-dog until she was about 7, and Mr and Mrs CT adopted her and gave her a lovely life. Goodbye darling Katie.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you have a great week back at work, not too much teaching time so that is good.
I will await photos from the Dressage Day next exciting!!

Hi from all of us here (me, Ryan, Jim and Henry).

Love to you both xx