Wednesday, October 12, 2011

One down, six to go

Did you know that it takes seven falls to make a horse rider? Well, I can count one down today. This was the view, but I wasn't on top, I was lying on my back on the ground. I probably had a much more pained expression on my face (although this one isn't too good either!).

I went out to McLean's Island to the National Equestrian Centre for a hack with Celine and Erica. Another two riders joined us. Sam was "hot" right from the start. He was jig jogging around, throwing his head all around, and generally being scary. I was really scared and when he threw himself to the side at one point, with me clinging on desperately by his mane, I started to think that this riding lark was not such a good idea after all. He has done that before with me. I was quietly cursing myself for being such a wimp and trying hard to relax. We were just walking along quietly, and the other riders were being careful not to do anything alarming. He has been to McLean's Island lots of times with no problems, so Celine wasn't worried about him doing anything unexpected. Suddenly he did a mega head thrash down and up, then threw himself sideways, dropping his back end until he almost sat, then jerking upwards to throw me off. It happened so quickly I didn't have a chance to grab on, and I was thrown over the side landing hard on my upper pelvis, (below back, above backside). Everyone said "Don't get up!" so I lay there having a damn good cry, as I'm inclined to do under stress. Actually it did hurt a bit, but I got up and tried to ride one of the other horses back, but she was stressed by Sam's antics, so I got off and walked. I blubbed for quite a while, mainly out of frustration at being scared before I fell off. Everyone was so lovely and said there was no way they could have stayed on as Sam was determined to throw me. They were scared he was going to fall on me. Celine was really upset because Sam is supposed to be her safest horse, and it was pretty obviously a deliberately nasty action.

I have to admit that the 40 year old body does not appreciate a fall from the height of a large horse onto hard ground. My pelvis is very unhappy, but I'm sure it is just bruising and muscular pain because it came on about half an hour after the fall, rather than straight away like bone damage would do. I am hobbling around at the moment, but am determined to ride again on Friday as I'm not letting today's crash stop me. After all, real horse riders fall off lots.

Apart from the dramas of the day, I've been having a very quiet day. Basically because I'm not able to bend over, move quickly or do much at all. Luckily the latest Country Living came in today. And some chocolate. Essential healing food.


Anonymous said...

Oh no...poor you!! That does sound scary. Ryan said he would cry too if he fell off a horse!!
Much further to fall than our wee ponies when we were kids!!
Hope you recover fast and aren't too stiff in the morning.
Love Meg xx

Anonymous said...

Oh what a shame when you were going so well too. What a naughty boy he was. I would cry too, I don't think you land too lightly once you are grown up. Good on you for having another go, anyway. Lots of love, Mum. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx