Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Absolutely filthy

The wind raged overnight. Poor Mr Jasper was frightened because the cat flap kept banging, so he didn't want to go out. I woke to the sounds of furious grumbling and frantic spraying as Johnny cleaned up a huge wee on some of his clothing in the bathroom. Jasper will be thankful the wind has settled, although it is still quite breezy. I am supposed to be riding at McLean's Island tomorrow - hacking out around the cross country course. If it is horribly windy I won't be keen, and I'm sure Sam with be in a skittish mood.

This afternoon I got outside for some gardening in what remains of dirt mountain. It has been Miss Dog's domain, rampant with weeds, too stubborn to pull. We've had plenty of rain so I got stuck in today. My hands are so dirty I don't think they'll ever be clean again. I needed to clear some space for some sweet wee plum coloured poppies, some sky blue corydalis, a rose bush, some tiny wee woodland anemones and some delightful sky blue miniature iris, most of which were given to me by friends. I also found room for a rosemary bush that I grew from a cutting, and Mr Ginger Jasper's catnip plant (he now has two). I had thrown a few things in among the weeds previously, but it all got away on me, so I did some shifting around. Once everything looks settled I'll take a photo. I've only cleared about 1/3 of the dog domain. I was thinking of having a tiny wee path half way along which takes you to a bench under the cherry tree, tucked in among the fragrant plants. I was considering a hammock, but a bench would look pretty all year round. Useful too, as I love to sit out in my garden and just contemplate all of my territory. I just told Johnny and he likes the idea. Excellent.

Johnny has been working on a project for his university studies. I declare myself an exam and assignment free zone. I no longer wish to participate in academic study, preferring to dedicate myself to learning new creative and interesting skills. Let's be honest, Johnny's studies into linguistics and relationships are going to have very little bearing on his ability to teach English as a Second Language (which is what the scholarship he has is funding). I can't even figure out what the point of his latest assignment is in the context of the human race. He has just been out for a bike ride on his lovely new bike to get some fresh air. I can't remember if I told you that he has a new bike as his old one was declared to be dangerous by a bike mechanic. Anyway, it is a flash black shiny specimen which he seems to riding with great enthusiasm. He will be a svelte shadow of his former self before we know it.

Oh and a huge Happy Birthday to our dearest wee man Henry!!!!! It is quite perfect having a nephew and a niece. Just one of each at this stage. Lucy is our darling wee poppet of a niece who looks more and more beautiful every time I see a photo of her. She is a sharp wee cookie who knows her own mind. Henry is so cute, and is super funny and sociable. When we first saw him his head was the size of an orange as he was 7 weeks early. Scary times, but he hasn't looked back. I loved holding him when he was just a tiny wee thing. So precious. Lucy had a considerably less dramatic start to life (although her mummy, Mandy, might disagree). Henry came out of the sunroof, but Lucy headed out the regular way after considerable effort. Birth is an amazing thing. I won't be having children so I can just imagine any babies of mine would have slipped merrily out after a bit of grunting and effortless pushing, and there would be smiles all round. Anyway, into the Terrible Twos goes Henry, and I bet there will be lots of boundary testing, mischief, tantrums and enthusiastic explorations over the next year. Hopefully he'll be coming to visit at Labour Weekend. Exciting!!!!

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