Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pretty Piles

Dear Mr. Jasper. He looks his age today. We've had lots of cuddles and I popped a piece of fabric I usually sling over my sewing machine onto his blanket in my workroom. He is pleased.
Today I haven't felt my best. I didn't get to ride because Celine wasn't feeling her best either. She is working like mad to get her riding school ready for opening day on the 10th. Wow, that's next weekend! I wonder if I'll get a lesson next week?

Today I planted morning glory and rainbow chard seeds before I ran out of seed raising mix. I also put in some Japanese radish seeds, straight into the garden. Johnny and I took a heap of garden rubbish to the greenwaste department at the dump. It will be made into compost. I can't keep up with all of the garden waste we produce as I have a very slow composting system. There is usually a fair bit of irritated cursing getting the garden rubbish into the back of John's vehicle. There was a rather undignified shriek of pain when a rose branch hooked me in the backside. Johnny put some vege mix into my greenhouse beds, plus filled my big tomato planters with tomato mix. Only the best for my veges! The greenhouse gets all steamed up and beautifully warm. It will probably be roasting in summer.

The Crafty Neighbour and I did some plant swapping, plus some crafting this afternoon. Actually I tidied up my workroom while she knitted and chatted. I didn't get around to tidying my desk.
When I visited Cottonfields last week I had a rummage in their bargain bin and found some real treasures. They get samples in and bundle them up. The pieces are smaller than fat quarters but together work out to be about 1/2 a metre, for only about $3. I popped this gorgeous strip of velvet ric-rac over these.
These are Cabbages and Roses designs. I found the lace in a scrap bag at school.
These look prettier in real life than on my screen. The colours are richer.
I've got some other pretty piles around. These are in my big craft cupboard. Vintage and modern boxes with interesting vintage beads, buttons and haberdashery. The vintage checked bag has old lace and bits and pieces in it.
I found these rolls of ribbon at an incredibly cheap price. Not sure which is my favourite.
I had a wee sort out on top of the piano, and put a pile of books that I look at regularly up there. I guess they will get airborne if we have a decent quake, but shouldn't make it as far as Jasper's nest. Sigh. We had another good shake not long ago. It was a 4.4 on the Richter scale, and located not far from here. Creepy as it went on for quite a while.

I hope you all have a lovely week. XXX

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Anonymous said...

Love the pretty ribbons and Jasper of course, dear old fellow! Hope you are feeling okay now. We are off to Hawera in the morning. Not many flowers to take but will be nice to spend a weekend away. Love to all, Mum. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx