Saturday, September 3, 2011

Little Treasures

Tonight when we go to sleep I guess we will think back to a year ago when we went to bed and were shockingly awoken in the early hours of the morning by a severe earthquake. It was the first of literally thousands of earthquakes we have experienced over the past year. Our house suffered very minor damage and I lost a few treasures, but our city will never be the same again. Even worse, in February many families lost loved ones when our city centre was destroyed. We have learnt a lot about earthquakes and the aftershocks and damage that comes with them. Sadly our sense of security in the world has been eroded. We now look with suspicion at brick buildings, shop awnings and tall structures. Rumbles of any kind - truck, bus, weather and earth related - cause us to go on alert. On the other hand, we ride out most small to moderate earthquakes with good humor and little reaction. I feel like a stronger, more resilient person as a result of the experiences of the past year. But if it had never happened, I'd be immensely grateful.

This morning I was a "writer" for a dressage judge at the Canterbury schools teams eventing competition. I was invited by Emily Butcher's mum Viv to write for her so that I could learn about what dressage judges are looking for. She is an awesome teacher and I learnt so much, both about judging, and about the finer points of riding dressage. Mr Sam and I have an appointment tomorrow and I'll have to put some of what I've learnt into practice. Well, I could try.

When I got home I was delighted to find a little parcel with the charm pack I bought on Trade Me. As you can see it is Scarborough Fair by Robyn Pandolph.
The squares are 5 inches and I think there are 35, all different. They are so yummy I have to show you several views.
Pretty pinks and blues.
Soft oatmeal and green.
And soft mauve.
I know it is a bit predictable, but I'm just going to enjoy them as they are, in squares, popped together as carefully as I can to make a little wall display quilt. I noticed that Cottonfields has some divine new Robyn Pandolph floral fabrics in, and I'm sure one will make a very pretty binding. Or maybe spots. Mmmmm delicious!

Meanwhile, I've been working on another top secret Christmas present.

Since I can't show you that I thought you'd like to see a few treasures from my early spring garden. The anemones have been in flower since autumn. Snow, rain and hail, they bloom on.
This one has the most velvety red petals. Actually I think it looks rather surprised.
I had to include my hand with this hellebore. They are such shy, retiring flowers, but so, so beautiful. The Crafty Neighbour thinks I'm very naughty taking the opportunity to gather tiny hellebore seedlings from all sorts of places. I regard it as rather enterprising myself.
It is now officially daffodil season at Chez Poppy Black. I thought I'd show you some of my littlest treasures.

These are all dear wee characters that I now have in clumps all over the garden, thanks to my darling mummy. There are lots of very plump and promising buds everywhere, both full sized and miniature. So exciting.

Well, I planted carrots, radishes and lettuces today. The greenhouse will be ready for some serious action shortly. Tomorrow, I hope.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, good to see that you have decided to buy a few supplies for your patchwork off Trademe. The garden is lovely with the wee treasures flowering. Daffs coming out here too, but we badly need rain. We are watering the patch. Hope the ride went well today and that you enjoyed it. Will catch up soon, Lots of love, M. xxxxxxxxxxxxx