Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Exciting things are happening in the Vegetable Empire. Tiny seedlings are emerging.
Bok Choi (can't remember how to spell it), caged.
Spinach, also caged. No, not too keep birds away. To keep Jasper from using the garden as his personal bathroom, which then encourages Miss Dog to climb onto the raised beds, hunting for disgusting things to snack on. Foul dog. No wonder her breath would make these wee plants shrivel.
Look- teeny, tiny radish seedlings. Sometimes my radishes go straight to seed. That's what happens when you don't water regularly.
On Sunday I could just see the first signs of these rainbow chard appearing, and look at them today. Three days growth. I'm planning to plant a forest of these under the red maple. I'm imaging a sea of glossy, crinkled leaves with colourful stems. Hopefully the weeds won't be able to compete.
I've been wanting to grow these for a long, long time. They are blue morning glories. I'm impressed with their enthusiasm!
Now, can you tell me what this is?

I think it looks remarkably like some anatomical specimen. This is a rhubarb plant, just starting to come back to life after winter. I'm trying to decide where to plant it as it had to be dug out to make room for the greenhouse. It looks happy enough, waiting for a new home.

This weekend is going to be rather exciting. I'm riding after school on Friday, then on Saturday the Crafty Neighbour and I are off to a craft show thing, which will have lots of quilting retailer's stalls. On Sunday I am grooming for Emily Cammock (nee. Butcher) at the big one day event at the National Equestrian Centre. I'm not sure which of my horsey friends she will be riding, but I'll enjoy looking after any of them. I'm pleased because Johnny is coming along to do some filming and photography for Emily. I really miss him when we have too much time apart. He went to camp on Monday night, and that was enough time missing him for one week.

School is going really well this week. I've won a few battles, had lots of laughs, and enjoyed the little family we have in our classroom. For some reason this week seems to be dragging on a bit, but I guess that is because I am looking forward to the weekend so much.


Anonymous said...

Wow, the plants are really getting going, they must approve of the new glasshouse. Does Jasper like it? Dad has shifted ours and has it all set up but I have been too busy with daffodils to do anything in the way of planting. Have the Brightwater show this weekend and picked up a beastly cold in the North Island. Feeling feeble as anything. Oh well I will do my best to get the flowers all there! Lotys of love, Mum. xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hope you are having a fun weekend!!
The garden looks great...we don't even have garden beds yet!!

Have a lovey weekend...will talk to you via the Ipad soon...I have an exciting new food product to review!!