Sunday, September 18, 2011

Another busy weekend

I am really, really tired after a fantastic, but very busy weekend. On Friday I had my riding lesson at 4.00pm. Sam was not impressed about starting work when everyone else was packing up for the day, and made sure I knew it. There was lots of fussing around, waggling his head, throwing himself around, jig jogging and general naughty behaviour. Of course I am not at my best after a day at school, and it wasn't fun. I did work on some important skills, in spite of the unco-operative steed. Celine and I decided that Sam just wanted to put his slippers on and relax with a large whiskey. I must admit, I felt like doing something similar, but forget the whiskey, chocolate for me.

The blossoms are out down our street. So pretty.
I am now using the prime lens that Johnny got me ages ago to replace the zoom lens that broke when I accidentally dropped my camera bag when I was carrying too much stuff. I couldn't get used to the prime lens because it doesn't zoom. The little silver camera has vanished, so I am determined to get the prime lens to work for me. It is a tiny thing, so doesn't make by big camera heavy and cumbersome to use. Johnny says war photographers use prime lenses. I said what about zooming, and Johnny told me the war photographers just get in close. Hmmm- no chance of an unexpected enemy assault in the front garden, I hope.

Peach blossom on my wee peach tree. Fruit this year? Maybe.
The daffodils are lovely. I love the beautiful lemon and cream of these ones. They are like a lemon meringue pie.
New this year.
This is Party Girl. She is divine, although not tall in stature. I wonder if the doubles decided that the snow was scary and are just peeping out of the soil, just in case.
A pansy paradise. I adore them.
More little treasures, new this year.
On Saturday I visited a craft fair. Sorry, no photos, but I did enjoy myself. It wasn't as good as the one last year, which was such a shame. Apparently the Australian organisers of last year's show couldn't get insurance due to, you guessed it, the risk of earthquakes. One of the local craft shop owners got this year's one organised, and did a great job, given the circumstances. Sadly the fabric available was quite limited, but I did manage to find some beautiful Kaffe Fassett fabrics, plus a charm pack. The Crafty Neighbour, who was my partner in craft, was so disappointed not to find anything she wanted. She is dreaming of a lemon and white quilt, but clearly lemon is not currently in vogue.

We went out for dinner with friends to Morgan's Winery which I can recommend for a lovely dinner. I couldn't fit in pudding, so the servings were generous. I did get to try Mrs CT's creme brule, which was utterly delicious.

Today was an amazing day. I'll never be a great horse rider, but today I realized that I can learn to be a great groom. I was helping look after the Butcher team at the Eventing Canterbury One Day Event and the National Equestrian Centre. It was so much fun caring for the horses, and making sure everything was done for Emily and Viv, so they had a trouble-free day. Today I got to tack up, clean up, wash, brush, cuddle, feed, water and give pep-talks to the five horses in the Butcher team.
I think this is my favourite part of a horse.
This is Lewis. He is ENORMOUS. Over 17 hands high. He is an absolute pleasure to handle on the ground, although is a challenging ride.
Hello Storm. He is very early in his career. Emily has got him going beautifully already. He's a real sweetie too. I had a bit of trouble washing him because he didn't want me to hose his bottom. Cold water. I couldn't blame him.
Storm looked lovely and glossy preparing for his dressage test.
Look how far down Emily's legs come on Lewis, compared to Storm. She does have her stirrups a bit shorter as she is about to jump, but Lewis is huge compared to Storm. I find it cute how Lewis has a pony face - very sweet and innocent.
This is Johnny (horse - not husband). He was a bit of a naughty boy today. When I asked Em what she needed me to do with him, she said she had a few good ideas, but didn't think I would oblige. She loves him really.
Oh, and my riding instructor, Celine, was there too, so I felt right at home with more horsey friends than ever at the event. In this photo Celine is riding Dresden, Sam's best mate, on the cross country. He had a great round, but wiped out a flag taking the wrong line, so Celine thought he would be eliminated.
He looks great here in the showjumping, but John said he knocked down almost every jump. Lazy boy just couldn't be bothered lifting his back legs high enough. He's a big boy too. About 16.3 hands. Celine is tiny.

I guess you can see why I'm tired now.

I've been up to some creative stuff in the workroom too. I'll save that for another day. Have a great week! XXX

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Anonymous said...

Hey there...your weekend sounds great...action packed and loads of fun. The horses are gorgeous as it your garden.
We had a bit of a miserable weekend. Henry is sick...terrible hayfever and is such a mess...poor wee boy. Think we are in for a long night.
Love to you both and wishes for a good week at school.