Thursday, July 21, 2011

Holiday update

Just a note to let you know what I've been up to. Yesterday I had a brilliant day out and about with Kim. We found some lovely things and I have got some ideas for my next quilt project. I'm working on the border of my very bright quilt and won't start anything new until I've got that sorted. I got some wool from Stitch to do Henry's second (bigger) vest. I must send him the first one. Lucy's little green hat is finished. The top turned out really good, but the border flips up. Not sure if it will fit, but I followed the pattern. I cast on for the ribbing of the vest last night. It didn't say to use smaller needles for the ribbing, but I did because I've had nothing but trouble with flip-ups.

Today I had my riding lesson. Sam was in a very lazy mood, but as usual, he had an element of the drama queen about him and did a massive shy. Celine's back was turned and she didn't see. He did it again a bit later and she saw that. We worked on "haunches in" and "haunches out" which I was not too good at. He didn't want to canter for me but we struggled on and did a bit, while he waved his head about and kept doing his mega fast trot in protest. In the end Celine had a go because I didn't want to end the lesson without him having a good canter. He was just being naughty but I had reached the wobbly leg stage and felt that I wasn't giving him clear enough instructions. I got a bit frustrated with myself, but when I think that I was really scared of trotting earlier in the year, I'm doing ok getting a bit of cantering going. It does feel lovely when he finally canters. Much smoother than trotting. I'm supposed to have a lesson again on Saturday and Celine is going to e-mail me a dressage test to learn. She is going to leave me to tack up, mount up, warm up, then I will do my test and she will judge it. I hope the weather is good, and that Mr Sam is in a good mood too. He'd rather blob in the paddock with intermittent grooming sessions and forehead rubs.


Anonymous said...

Hey there...
I am enjoying the regular updates. Your lessons sound like they are going are brave cantering on such a big horse...more photos are required!!
There is nothing cuter than a baby (well, toddler but I don't like the term toddler!) in hand knitting...too cute! You are very clever.
Roll on weekend. Ryan parents are staying at the major plans for the weekend.
Love to you both, Megxxx

Anonymous said... Blog looks fantastic!! Lovely!! Megxxx