Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Today I decided to pop out to Celine's to do some gardening for her. The Scarlett Oak Equestrian Centre opens in August so I'm keen to make sure the gardens look pretty and bright by then. Actually it opens just after my birthday. I told Johnny and Celine that I want to have a horsey birthday this year. I can't quite believe that I am going to be 40. 40 is apparently the new 30. Who cares anyway, I'm having more fun in life than I've had my entire adult life.

Now I'm grownup I'm determined to master this knitting lark. Poor wee Lucy and Henry, my little guinea piglets. I should have a better idea whether this hat is only fit for Gollum after some shaping tonight. If all goes well, Lucy should be getting a pretty green hat for her birthday. I guess we could call it an egg collection bag if it all goes horribly wrong.
I love this book of patterns. I couldn't resist buying it after getting it out of the library. It has some really cute toy patterns too.

Johnny spent the day at school sorting out computer issues. I was glad that I decided to head out to Celine's. Oh I forgot to say that I helped Celine move her new horse jumps down into the derby arena. We slung some across the back of the quad bike and moved them down from the main house area into the riding school area. I held them on with my sturdy backside (I knew it would come in useful one day). She has some gorgeous pink and white striped jump poles. My steering is going to have to be spot on if I'm in the big arena otherwise Sam and I are going to be unexpectedly learning to showjump.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to be helping my friend Kim to go shopping for fabric for a baby quilt she wants to make. Not sure how that will go because she isn't sure what she wants and doesn't sew or have a machine. I could whip one up for her, but she wants to do it for her baby. She is due in September and looks so lovely pregnant, as some people manage to do. I'm taking her to Stitch. Of course I'm very pleased about that.

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