Friday, April 22, 2011

Super Special

Excuse my absence. We've been on a wee holiday to visit my family. We wanted to meet the newest babies in the family, and catch up with our dear little nephew now that he can walk.
Here's Rupert.
He is such a busy boy it is hard to capture his beauty. He has a gleaming chocolate coat, and is super nosy and loving. He likes to be picked up for cuddles. He isn't so keen on being a photographic model, and does his best to look huffy about the whole business. I love his dark, slender body prowling around in everyone else's business.
His brother Percy is a natural show-off and loves the camera. I've got hundreds of photos of him posing inside and outside. He has a more independent personality, and has a worrying tendency to go exploring.
He has a lovely soft, wistful face, which doesn't really reflect his mischievous character. Percy's feet have long toes that gleam silver in the light. He will probably be a bigger adult than Rupert as the difference between them is very noticeable already. Percy prefers not to be picked up, but tolerates it with good humor.

Unfortunately I didn't win Lotto so was unable to purchase this beautiful gentleman, who is competing in the South Island Three Day Event this weekend. You've met him before- Oscar (Dambala). He is competing in the top class. He looked so gorgeous doing his dressage. He has had his coat clipped for the event and doesn't feel as silky as usual. It is exciting watching horses you know well competing in the dressage. The tests seem so long when you are anxious that they won't make any errors.
I got to look after Southern Ben after his dressage. He is not allowed to jump as he has a heart condition, but was allowed to do 3 different dressage tests as the non-competitive trial ride. He went first and the judges compared notes to make sure they were all judging the same. Ben hasn't been clipped and got super sweaty (and deliciously horsey smelling) so had a big sponge down. He and I hung out together while he had his celebratory snack. We're getting to be good friends.
I told his mum that I wanted to adopt him, and she said she'd remember that the next time it is pouring and he wants his dinner. It is a shame he isn't a quiet ride.

I've been working on some new ideas for little projects and came up with this lavender heart.

I used vintage lace, buttons and beads, recycled fabric, ric-rac, and the fancy stitches on my sewing machine. I'm working on a big one with embroidered roses. These are much quicker to make than my usual embroidered hearts. I don't think the will be much time for sewing over the next couple of days as I'll be watching the jump phases of the 3 day event. Exciting.


Anonymous said...

Hi, lovely to see your blog with photos of the little men (Rupert caught another rabbit today, and a mouse!) and they have enjoyed being out planting bulbs with us. It was great to see you for a few days. Oscar looks beautiful, I am sure you will enjoy the rest of the 3 day event. Good luck to all the Butcher horses. Kevin, Carol and Emma visited this afternoon which was lovely. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMum.

RubyTwoShoes said...

Hey there,

So lovely to see you both, Henry is missing you guys. Your latest creation is gorgeous, I love old lace, I hope the vintage shop by the roundabout came up trumps!!
Roll on Queens Birthday weekend, we are looking forward to visiting.
Enjoy the Cross County and jumping, wish i was there to go with you!!