Sunday, April 10, 2011

My kind of weekend

I was really looking forward to this weekend, and it was great. On Saturday we were invited out to the Eventing Canterbury training day at Hororata. I'm really finding the horsey world much friendlier than I expected, probably because of who we hang out with. The Eventing Canterbury organisers are lovely and we like to help out. I had a fun time watching and got to look after Southern Ben for a while. He is the horse that has been to Badminton. He frowns a lot, but yesterday, after doing his two dressage tests (the 2nd one was great- the first was marred by a couple of unseemly bucks and some directional errors) he and I grazed and watched the other horses. He loved lots of pats and strokes.
On the lesson front, my darling Sam has been sold, but that's not the end of our relationship. He has been sold to a girl who is starting a riding school and I am to be her first client. I really hope it goes as well as the lessons I've had so far. I'm a bit nervous about changing instructors. She has another horse that will be suitable for me to ride too. So until Zanny returns to the farm I'll be riding in Yaldhurst.

Today we went on our first shopping trip since the earthquake. We are looking for an upright freezer to store my produce and to make it possible for us to prepare food ahead and store it ready for easy weekday meals. I was out and about in the garden today. I planted leeks and cabbages for winter/spring eating. The garden is full of colour at the moment.
Feijoas. Just a few. I hope they ripen up nicely as the feijoa tree down the road has been cut back so hard I won't be able to get any on dog walks.
Rainbow chard. Beautiful.
I found this specimen lurking - delicious tonight in salad. I've been very pleased with the cucumber production off my single plant. I'll plant several early next summer.
Raspberry surprises - autumn raspberries.
Time to harvest the pumpkins. I made one into soup last weekend.
They mystery plant- actually a globe artichoke seedhead.
Outstanding celery crop. Celery can be such a menace to grow but I've been using this and it is perfect. Apparently shop-bought celery is highly sprayed.
And the piece de resistance of the weekend. Johnny's bacon and egg pie. Yes - free range eggs and NZ bacon. If you use imported bacon and battery eggs I want you to seriously consider the state of the poor creatures that produce them. Yes, free range eggs are lots more expensive, but the thought of chookies in horrible little cages makes me shudder. Don't get me started on the piggies.

We have one week of school left before the holidays. Five days of hard, hard work then freedom.

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RubyTwoShoes said...

Yum..that pie looks fantastic!
We only buy free range eggs now and Rai Valley Bacon...I don't eat pork anymore apart from that bacon...poor piggies!

Excited you will be on holiday soon, do I hear a visit may be coming our way. We are thinking of coming to visit you guys at Queens Birthday if that suits you?

I started my blog again tonight, just a little entry to get started.

I have a wee parcel to post you from Ryan (Lego thanks)..will put int he post tomorrow.

Have a great week,