Sunday, March 13, 2011

Not much to report

Compared to everything going on in the world, things have been rather dull around here. Dull is good. Actually the best thing going on at the moment is horse riding. My darling Sam was sold, unsold, tried out (too big) and not tried out (trial cancelled). Long story. So lucky for me he is still mine for lessons. I had a fantastic lesson last week. Because I hadn't been on for two weeks it felt like Sam was a skyscraper. I finally got the hang of using my legs and outside hand to control Sam on a circle, with the inside hand and leg to encourage his body to curve. Plus I got him "on the bit" so his neck was lovely and curved. So elegant. No photos because Johnny was busy chatting somewhere else. Then I got going on my rising trot, and managed to maintain my big circle for three rounds while rising, following instructions and steering.

We started back at school. Apart from having to use bottled water and hand sanitizer, life was pretty much as normal. We don't feel aftershocks at school, unless they are goodies, so we feel safe. My students were awesome, which was rather a surprise. Hopefully we have another good week. On Friday we have the big memorial day. Johnny is planning to go to the memorial service in Hagley Park, but I don't enjoy huge crowds, so will probably stay at home. Prince William will have to pop around here if he wants to see me. I'd quite like to show him my garden and chat about the wedding plans.

With one eye on Japan, I will go about my business as usual. This week:
- Monday- Morning meeting 8am, School, 'Cello lesson 5pm (in a borrowed studio).
-Tuesday- School, Staff meeting.
-Wednesday- School, Horse riding lesson 5.30pm.
-Thursday- School (hopefully no meeting)
-Friday- Memorial Day- holiday. Sewing, gardening and other fun stuff.

Oh, I forgot to say that today we went to Motukarara, to the Waihora Pony Club, for the combined Eventing Canterbury/Waihora Pony Club One Day Event. We were both show jumping writers for the day. I loved it. We got to watch all of the horses, see a few spills and lots of dropped rails, plus some lovely clear rounds. We were near the cross country water jump too, which was fun to watch, when we got a chance. I got to have loves with Max, Frank, Johnny, Milly and Lewis (the Butcher contingent). What dear, sweet horses. So brave too, doing the cross country, which was pretty scary in parts. So sorry there are no photos for you.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there...

Hope your week is going well so far.
All the horsing about sounds fun and it is great John is involved as well.
I took Henry out to see Heather and Francis at Ngatimoti today as it was my half day. Henry walking all over the place, chasing the kittens and playing with Daisy.
Have a great week.

Love to you both,