Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Heritage Toms and Speeding on Sam

We are right in the middle of the tomato harvest. This year I have lots of heritage tomatoes which I thought were a bit disappointing, but they have suddenly decided to get into action, and we have heaps. Yay!
The yellow cherry plums are the earliest producers of the cherry plums. I've got a few orange and red ones appearing now. They'd better get a move on because it felt distinctly autumnal this morning.
I've got quite a few of these funny toms. They are quite a meaty tomato, with small seed cavities and little juice. Johnny knocked some off when they were very green and they ripened really well inside.
This bowl of tomatoes is the pinnacle of my vege gardening success this year. Fabulous!
I had a horse riding lesson. Sam wasn't exactly excited about heading to the arena for a spin today. He wanted to hang out in the stable area and have a good go at the longer grass there, which he was very happily doing when we arrived. You could see his expression change when we caught him and got him ready. It was "damn it." As my instructor said, I'm past the getting used to being on a horse stage, and am intensively working on technique. It is so hard. I am pretty good going around in a circle one way, using hands and legs together with ease, but the other way I feel like I'm blind. It is like I can't seem to work out what to do with all of my limbs, and poor Sam didn't know what to make of it. I was pretty pleased because when horse away over the fence started galloping around Sam threw a little wobbly, but I got him under control with no trouble at all. I wasn't scared either. There's no getting off in an emergency!
See Sam's neck is curved beautifully. My heels need to go down more. I'm not as flexible in my ankles as I used to be.
We are both concentrating so hard in this photo. I could be in a dressage competition. Well, maybe if we could stay like this for longer than 30 seconds.

We trotted and trotted today. I've got the rhythm beautifully, the steering is coming and my instructor mentioned the dreaded "c" word (canter) today. Hmmm- trotting feels like I'm exceeding the speed limit. Not looking forward to cantering.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Sam is so look very elegant and competent on him!!
The tomatoes looks great vege garden was pitiful this year!

Love to you both,
Meg xx