Saturday, January 8, 2011


Today Miss Dog and I decided to start the day with a lovely walk. She has been in disgrace since having one of her very rare (very enormous) poo accidents in the garage on Thursday night. Johnny had tidied up all of his tools and made the garage look lovely, and Miss Dog soiled it in the most hideous manner possible. He wasn't pleased. She is usually so good, and woofs only occasionally when she is desperate for the loo. On our walk today we met a gentleman chocolate lab who was pleased to make our acquaintance. His father said he was eight, and Miss Dog is too. It was amazing comparing the two of them because Mr Choccy looked like a well-worn teddy, and Miss Dog looks so fresh and young. She is such a delight.

Another delight in my day was a visit to Stitch over on Colombo Street. I arrived there after rather a fraught trip getting there due to hoards of skinny creatures pedaling madly around the streets of Cashmere (elite cycle racing nationals). I was anxious not to kill anyone - spectator or competitor- and the vast quantities of stewards randomly flailing signs at every corner didn't exactly help.

Gosh I love visiting Stitch! I'm working on developing my passions in life (more about that another day), and I figure the fact that I get so excited by beautiful bolts of fabric that I forget to breathe means that working with fabric must be one of my passions. I had so much fun choosing the right fabrics with the lovely Fenella. And it turns out there is the perfect class starting next week. I've been wondering how I can learn some more quilting skills as I am a "stitch in the ditch" girl. The class is a "quilt as you go" class so each week for four weeks we work on new quilting skills. Perfect.

Ignore the need for a good iron. It was flat when I put it together. Here is the gorgeous stripe which I am using as a wee sash and the binding on my Happy Holidays quilt.
And here is the truly fabulous fabric I chose for the outer sash.
Makes my heart sing! That's how I know I've made a choice I'll be happy with. It only takes one fabric in a project that I'm not happy with and I won't be able to look past the problem. That's why Miss Dog has an unfinished quilt with no binding. One of the fabrics does not make me happy.

After running the gauntlet of the cyclists again on the way home (they were everywhere), I visited the supermarket and decided Johnny would make his ravioli again.
Rolling out the dough.
Popping the filling on.
Funny little parcels. Yum.
No gardening today. Must do better tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Good on you for doing a course, that sounds like a great idea though I think you rae very skilled already! The happy holidays quilt will be sensational.

Poor Poppy, I am sure she is sorry for her indiscretion! I wonder if Stellar will look like an old worn teddy bear in a couple of years?

Yummy ravioli, looks fabulous.

I am up with Henry, he had a terrible nights sleep (Ryan got up with him but I couldn't get back to sleep) and I feel so tired I could actually die but it is a gorgeous day so we will make the most of it.

Have a good day xxx