Sunday, January 9, 2011


What a beautiful day today. We have been having a garden tidy-up and we have so much green waste that my compost heaps can't take any more. Today we loaded up Johnny's vehicle, Bazza the Beast, and took it to the green waste dump to be turned into compost. Hope their compost heap heats up well because otherwise the lucky purchasers of the compost are going to inundated with poppy and foxglove seedlings.

Johnny mowed the lawn today. More green stuff.
Miss Dog has been my shadow, as usual. She found the garden tidy-up rather dull, and after a while flopped down on the deck and looked bored.
Flying saucers growing in the gaden.
I've only ever grown corn once before, a while ago. It was a disaster. This year I'm anticipating corn glory.
I'm feeling very inspired by the gorgeous greens in the garden, particularly alongside the fabulous cerise colours of the petunias and roses.
The lettuces are going to seed and form tall, rather elegant, towers. The lime green ones with the cerise is particularly appealing.
I like the velvety roses with these lettuces. I'm imagining a quilt...
Meanwhile I finished piecing the tip of the Happy Holiday quilt. It looks quite surprising with the lavish border.
It is going to be reversible. Here is the main part of the back. It looks completely different on the screen. The stripe is the same as above. On my screen is looks mauve, but it is (yes, my current favourite) cerise. Amazing what a photo in different light can do to the colours in the image. The back and the front do actually co-ordinate, in case you were wondering.

The middle panel for the back is a Philip Jacobs fabric from the remnant treasures at Stitch. I've found some brilliant goodies at great prices there.

Enough said about my obsessions. On the family front, Fisherman Jim is back home and doing well. He'll be back on the high seas soon. Meanwhile his vege garden is looking rampant and glorious, and I'm jealous that he is harvesting tomatoes. Tomorrow is my wonderful dad's birthday. He is a legend! Johnny's mum and her friend J. come to stay tomorrow. We're going to Orana Park with them. Expect animal photos sometime this week. Probably mainly tiger ones.


juniorwashbourn said...

obviously this is the 2011 way of communicating with you - happy New Year and what beautiful pics - why does your garden look SO much betterer than mine - and obviously more productive!!!???? Oh! Listen to your ansaphone guys! Catch up really soon, I hope!

Ann said...

Your quilt is bee-yoo-tee-ful! Nicely done! It is nice to see such a verdant garden, while we're in the depths of winter. Your raised beds are very nice. I am also planning on making some this coming summer. What I like is very expensive, unfortunately. I just need to decide if our short growing season will be worth it. I'll check in again, soon! Greetings from Canada.