Monday, September 27, 2010

Making the most of Monty

Today has been a celebration of Monty time. He is looking surprisingly well today, and we had some fun with him out in the garden. He visited our wonderful vet, and we've got some more powerful painkillers to give him, so hopefully we can keep him as comfy as possible over the next few days. He has lost a lot of weight. But having lots of cuddles, sleeping in the sun and being smothered in love is the best way to spend your last few days. Look at my lovely boys (and the black crocodile) out in the sun.
No flowers are safe when Monty is around! I've always had to put bunches of flowers out of his reach.
It is so lovely in the sun. He looks deceptively well.
I've very pleased with myself in the crafty department. Here is my latest passion.

These are the first three pansies I have stitched out of Diana Lampe's Embroidered Pansies. I am utterly fascinated by the delightful faces of pansies. I've got hundreds that have self-sown, so there are so many different shapes, colours, patterns and sizes. They are promiscuous breeders. These embroidered poppets are the size of a standard cotton reel, as I drew around one as a stitching guide. I think I did a pretty good job for my first go. You know you are onto a good thing when you wake up in the night and want to get up to do some more sewing! I do have a bit of trouble seeing to do such detailed stitching under artificial light. I feel a bit guilty sitting around doing embroidery in the daytime though. I won't be feeling guilty when I've got a collection of these made into brooches to choose from.

Tomorrow is going to be another lovely fine day. Sun for basking in. Monty will be happy. So will Miss Dog. And I'll be pleased to do another couple of loads of washing. Johnny is going to help Mrs CT make a ramp to get her elderly German shepherd up into the back of her car. Then we're going to Thyme Cafe for lunch. I'm glad Johnny is feeling better. The earth has been rumbling quietly today, so far, so we've hardly felt the aftershocks. You never know what will happen in the next five minutes.



Anonymous said...

Those pansies are absolutely glorious - you are so gifted! I am home now and it is good to be home. We had plenty of hassles on our trip not least was our flower boxes and luggage being left in Christchurch and not arriving to us in Te Anau until 10pm. Sorry to hear about John, what a bugger, and Monty I hope he is comfortable. Dear old fellow. He looked happy in the sun in the photo. Don't they love the sun. Lots of love and I will be in touch soon. Mum. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hey the photos of Monty, he looks very contented and has had a wonderful life with his mum and dad.
The pansy embroidery is GORGEOUS...would make wonderful brooches.
Ryan and I have had the 24 hours form poisoning...lets just say I will NEVER eat pork again...nor cherry ripes...(possibly not a bad thing). We are both horrid. Henry happy as anything.
Love you xx